now Im in the same team as john cleese!

the tooth-less team that is. sorry for the grose pic, but I at least made it b/w so its a bit less grose. it started 12 years ago when a bastard dentist put in a filling and chipped the tooth so it was all sharp. then about a year ago it started hurt. the denitist said the filling was bad, then he was taking a drill, drilled out the filling and 80% of the tooth, put in a new filling. that started acting up 6 monts ago, so I went back and he said we should pull it out, but he could not do it on a short notice so he put in the third filling and sent me a paiper with an appointment. but I remember how bedly I was huring for days after they took out my wisdom-teeth so I never went.
and the filling has fallen out little bu litte and yesterday when I was eating pasta, out fell the tooth! now I would like to have a silver/gold or some shiny metal tooth put in there, but that will have to wait until Im rich and famous

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mrsCutout: lol! oh pain in the teeth is one of he worse! but yeAh a golden one is so coool!