The obligatory Christmas wishlist post!

Thought it was about time we had one of these... go on, share! What are you all hoping to get this year? Python-related or not. (And no, "John wearing nothing but my Christmas tree skirting" isn't a valid answer. Amazon doesn't stock such things.)

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HELLOPOLLY: Amazon SHOULD stock that >.< it'd be AWESOME!! :D i want Tim Minchin on DVD completely non-python related ^_^

mrsCutout: Welll! I want.....Mike's second volum of his diaries.Hilafway to Hollywood!And Not the messiah! And many stuff I need! I also want badly the Not only but Also series on dvd and Dudley's bio! And a Python matter what it is! Black KNight or whatever!

arkennedy at 4:15 pm December 09

As far as Python related items is concerned I'd like "Halfway To Hollywood" as well :)

Not that late at 5:35 am December 10

Good choice, I just started it! I'm opening a new thread for it.

mrsCutout at 8:46 am December 10


Here Comes Another One: I want GBH on DVD. That is sort of Python related.

katithepythonfan: I would love to have the "Everything I Know in Life, I Learned from Monty Python" -poster...

Lvndr HppE: But it does stock the minister of silly walks watch. I want that.

Not that late at 5:33 am December 10

Not for us :'(europeans)... (see the versatility of brakets?;-)