October 5 is near... It's almost Python time!

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TheRealGilliamFan: Ohhhh I want that watch. So cool. But it's $70 :(

genji: It doesn't seem to be available on this side of the Atlantic. I did spot this a couple of weeks ago on eBay. Not as funny as the Ministry of Silly Walks watch, though.

Final price was a bargain.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: That is... that... is... SO AWESOME!

thewastelandr: What a smashing idea!

gruggywoof: Argh, so cool! (Just imagining the 12 o'clock position is giving me the giggles.)

Lvndr HppE: I want this watch. I want this watch sooooo badly.

Holly at 8:24 pm September 25

Yeah, I think I would have to suffer through the ticking, but I want it!

mrsCutout: oh my JR where did you find this watch? Ah October 5th! Yes another Pythons anniversary!Unfortunately it's a school day.I'll have to transfer my Python film and show watching for the weekend!

the_thina: if I lived somewhere where they delivered I would maybe try to get one of those watches. even if Im allergic to nickel (metal) I could wear one of these under it so it didnt contact with the skin. http://korpen.sporrongshop.com/Archive/ProductLarge/KORP135.jpg

kisch: I wanted to buy the watch (the Chinese watch!:)), but they don't deliver to Russia.

Johnnyrose at 12:07 pm September 25

Can you immagine yourself looking at the watch to see the time and allways laugh to see this time? :0)

kisch at 12:22 pm September 25

It would be fantastic:)))

Hanri at 2:21 pm September 25

Seriously, if I'd ever buy another watch (haven't worn a watch in 5 years since the battery ran out lol) this would be it.

genji: Interesting customer reviews.