Olympics Closing Ceremony

If you havent seen it you need too! cause someone was there and sung a familiar song!

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juliejubilee: I produced a non-profit video project influenced by your work in the 80's.
It was put together with music by a young aspiring writer and composer from Eastern Europe
who has been sending shockwaves in the the world of Reggae.

I hope you enjoy and big thanks for introducing me to satiricle arts

the Official unOfficial Queen Diamond Jubilee London 2012 Olympics Anthem

Julie Jubilee Jules

GloriaTheWarrior: Gosh I loved this so much I waited so long just to see him and the whole ceremony was so amazing and exciting ahh I was imagining how he must have been been more excited then we we're when he was waiting for his cue ahh I enjoyed every second

cony: Heard a rumour that Eric will be there and watched the whole show - yes, that was the highlight!
What nice slim legs he has ;-)!

charlotte93: I personally think that was the best thing that happened at the olympic event. ;)

Johnnyrose: Another great moment at the Olimpic Games! Yes, MP deserve an olimpic medal!