OMG... wow... Really?

Ok... I'm browsing amazon for Python things... I was looking at the toys section... there is quite a number of interesting things...

reeeeeallly expensive action figures... a few toy killer rabbits.. other random toys. Other "omg are they really selling this parrot toy as a 'dead parrot' toy? Really?"

And of course other things you'd be surprised they can get away selling (some neat.. some junk)

But... what I in face found was this...

Monty Python Horse Action Figure...

Which seems to be two coconut halves and 'instructions for the care and feeding of your new horse'

You know how much this is selling for? These 2 halves of coconuts and a little joke?


Yes... Nearly $40 not including the shipping.

For something that costs at the store about $3 lol.

Wooow.... Seriously I should go get some coconuts... gut them nice and neatly... and sell them lol.

Because someone actually bought it! There is one review of someone saying they bought it and liked it. So who knows who else has lol

So now I'm amused.

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Paute: Found it!

Paute: Where i can buy that?


Did you see the stapler?

WolfSpirit at 12:59 pm January 14

Yea... I saw that on there... now THAT I would get lol. Not even kidding lol

The Ex-Leper at 8:06 pm January 14


Holly at 3:43 pm January 14

yeah, I'd use it @ work. It would fit in nicely w/ my clutter.

WolfSpirit at 2:51 pm January 17

Sadely I have no where to use it lol

MontyPython93: Awesome!!!!

Lady April: Funny though, I bought them at Spamalot for like $15 .00 or something - certainly NOT $40.00, that sucks!

BabyStag: It IS difficult to open a coconut. But buying it fpr 40$... well... It could be a MP sketch.! It's like Eric Idle's character in "Life of Brian", when he's selling stones for the people who are going to the stoning. "And a packet of gravel as well".
Sillyness rules!

WolfSpirit at 6:38 pm December 30

It just goes to show the mindset of the world now... would rather spend more money for instant gratification then just doing it yourself... (or having your father do it.. in my case. lol But I'm planning on buying another cocobut and gutting it myself.)

I mean it took my dad five minutes to half it AND gut it... and all he used was a box cutter... a hack saw, and a spoon.

See... I can see $40 if you can haggle... but can't do that on amazon lol

thewastelandr: That is so ridiculous! When my brother and I first saw Holy Grail back in the day (we were 6 and 8 years old), we went to the store, bought a coconut, and forced our dad to hollow it out for us! Not only do you get two empty halves of a coconut to bang together, but coconut milk (yummm). And the coconuts provided us with the start of our Halloween costume for years in a row.

Fettle: Check out the Spamalot website, I think they sell them much cheaper, I luckily got mine free from the Guiness Book of Records coconut clapping in London a couple of years ago!!

Johnnyrose at 4:44 am December 30

So... you were one of the luky bastards who went to the meeting...

Fettle at 4:59 am December 30

Yeeah baby - i can see myself in this pic....if you look at the front, on the left theres a girl with long red hair, back jumper, jeans and cowboy boots - that meeeeeee :)

Holly at 4:48 pm December 30

that's awesome.

Johnnyrose at 7:02 am December 30

Heeeeyyy!!! Really?? That's great!!!
What are the odds to post a pic with you in it??

the_thina: hahaha. well, some pepole have more money than they have brains. ^^
but have you tryed to open a coconut sometime? its fucking hard! I have once, we had to get out a electric drill, a screwdriver and a hammer before we got a SMALL hole in it

WolfSpirit at 6:34 pm December 30

Haha My dad just used a hack saw.. .the cut's not perfectly straight but it was easy. I think next time a simple electric saw should work. It's gutting it thats the hard part.