Only slightly Python Related...

With Starbucks you can nickname your gift cards in case you have more then one... so you can remember whats what on the site lol

Well... I only have one... a $25 Starbucks Girft Card... and I nicknamed it....

Eric the Starbucks Card.

(Fish License.... Eric the Fish... Eric the car, Eric the dog, Eric the fruit bat... a bunch of other Eric's lol. Yea... I'm nicknaming everything Eric now for the hell of it... just cause I can lol)
But not my car... he's still Jeremy... and my dog is still Pam lol.

Just so you know.. cause i fail lol

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The Ex-Leper: my car is Gandalf the Grey-Purplish and my dog is Rocky!!!! lol

thewastelandr at 8:22 pm December 29

Oooh Gandalf! My car would be Gandalf the supposed-to-be-silver-but-more-like-brown now haha

thewastelandr: Hahaha! Love it!