oooh I made a find of a lifetime!

soooo, I was hanging around on this site that is like e-bay but with focus on books, but also a small section for records and movies.
I took a chanse and typed in python on the record-section, and found... THIS!
a real vinyl for what becomes about 9 american dollars.
of course I bought it without blinking. made the money-transfer to the seller yesterday so soon its on its way to me! :D

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cool! I have that one!

mrsCutout: wow! awesom! great news! can you please please give us the link???????

the_thina at 5:45 pm March 14

there was only one for sale and its a swedish site

Romanes Eunt Domus: And I found the Bonzo's Tadpoles in a local record store, along with the Urban Spaceman compilation. But that was ages ago. Now I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of A Liar's Autobiography.

the_thina: IT HAS ARRIVED! now its just getting my vinyl-player working again

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: You lucky, lucky b*****d! ;D

thewastelandr: It's a great album! I have it on cd.

Paute: Wow!! did not know this record!! Then told us that is what it sounds like. (I don´t know if i written this ok)

the_thina at 10:53 am March 10

well, I have it as mp3s, so I know its a good record, just an extra kick to have it as a REAL record.its basicly songs from the show. most of them sung and written by neil.
this is my favourite, its so silly:
dont remember if protest song is on it too, but it should be...

Paute at 10:56 am March 10

And uppload the pictures!!

the_thina at 11:02 am March 10

pictures? yeh, if there are any pics on the record I will. but I dont have a scanner, just as a warning. but here is a rwt-pic. take a look in the thread "the neil innes archives" there are thousands of them in there

flopsy_mrs: great ! i'm happy 4 u

the_thina at 10:44 am March 10

me too! :D