Were I work we have a small chalk board that we're suppose to write a safety tip on. Since nobody ever looks at it I wrote on it "There's Nothing More Dangerous Than A Wounded Mosquito" I felt it was an appropriate safety tip. There are alot of mosquitos in Florida. Well my big oops is I knew my boss's boss was coming into the office this week & I kept telling myself to change it......and I forgot. When he came I didn't think he'd seen it so I quickly went over & erased it, he came around the corner just as I finished erasing it and said "what was that about a mosquito?" I thought I was going to be in alot of trouble, but he smiled & said "Mosquitos can be dangerous."

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Lvndr HppE: I was in Barnes & Noble today, and I saw a book titled. "Albatross". I automatically thought of John Cleese in drag, and started laughing.

Lvndr HppE at 9:17 pm February 21
the_thina at 4:44 am February 23

haha. but the hollywood bowl-version is better. the c-word! waahaha! and the moustache! and gray going "youre not even a proper woman!" haha

sit-on-my-face: The other day I was walking down the stairs at school yelling "AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: A MAN WITH THREE BUTTOCKS" when I walked across my "no-sense-of-humour-at-all" English teacher, with whom I earlier argued about the use of the word "buttocks" in the phrase "A pain in the butt". She was all like "We have one butt and two buttocks" And I went "One butt OR two buttocks". I think she felt like if butt was nice and buttocks naughty...

the_thina at 4:49 am February 23

I like the word "buttocks". but I loooove the word "arse", not "ass" but "arse" but then again I much prefer the brittish language to the american. <3

The Ex-Leper at 9:11 pm February 26

I also love the Scottish accent and I find it incredibly sexy in a man...I have already decided when I am well into college I am going to Scotland to find myself a husband hahaha

the_thina at 4:54 am February 27

but scotland is brittish you know, when I sat britan I count england, scotland, wales and ireland

Holly at 10:03 pm February 23

There are so many different American accents that are unflattering. You wouldn't imagine that there could be so many redneck accents! I've got cousins from TX & GA & they sound so different. When I visit family in N.Y. they say I sound like I'm from the south, when I visit out west in TX, I'm told I sound like a Yankee, & when I'm here in FL, I have people ask me if I'm from Minnesota. If I had to choose an American accent I'd like to sound like I'm from Fargo N. Dakota.

The Ex-Leper at 9:06 pm February 26

I love New York accents personally lol

sit-on-my-face at 2:45 pm February 23

language AND accent... You should hear those canadians speaking... nothing worse.

I love "sit-upon"!!!

Holly at 9:58 pm February 23

lol, my ex's parents are from Canada, I loved to here them say "about" it just sounded like "aboot" My sister & I turned a work boot into a clock when we were in High School, so whenever anybody asked what time it was we'd say "it's aboot 2:30"

the_thina at 6:44 pm February 23

haha. remember when robbie did this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOzG7bBylRo love the movie-werson of course but this is just so fun. haha

sit-on-my-face at 7:05 pm February 23

Epic! oo I'm glad to be a french canadian. I feel less unsignificant!!!

the_thina at 7:14 pm February 23

haha. but you dont feel offended by the song (or the movie) do you? I always get so tired about pepole beeing offended by comedy. us swedish woman are made fun of to be bimbos who spread their legs to anyone who is ritch, but that dont make me feel offended at all. Im not like that so why should I be.

sit-on-my-face at 3:54 pm February 24

no no! I'm not proud at all of my country anyway!!! And here we hate the rest of Canada so... What the heck. And it's a great song!

the_thina at 9:03 pm February 24

haha ok

thewastelandr at 6:51 am February 23

Who doesn't? lol

the_thina at 6:56 am February 23

well, all in here must more or less love britts anyway. ^^

thewastelandr at 12:38 pm February 21

Random - have you ever seen Harold and Maude? When the guy is talking to Harold about Maude's "sagging buttocks"? Lol

sit-on-my-face at 1:33 pm February 21

"makes me want to... VOMIT" omgggg fantastic scene.

thewastelandr at 2:07 pm February 21



well, I've got a new moment. Last week while I was at work, the office manager from another district came to my office because she was training us. I'm sitting in my chair and she's standing right next to me...I started to smell something funky...I looked up at her and she whispered to me "WALK AWAY" I looked at her and said "what?" she said again, almost w/ pleading eyes "GET UP AND WALK AWAY" OMG she past gas right next to me! What the hell! In my mind I'm screaming "RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!"

thewastelandr at 7:30 am February 21

OMG!!! Wow.

Romanes Eunt Domus: So here's my Python moment. I was in class last week and we were going over Roman history from the Flavians through the Antonines. Think from after Nero on through Commodus (the historical basis for the bad guy in Gladiator).

*smack* Wake up!

We get to discussing the Judaean revolts and what the people out in the provinces of the Roman empire thought of the emperors and imperial control and benefits. So I got to drop in "What have the Romans ever done for us?"

And of course my professor got it; it is the Classics department. Classicists love to watch and nitpick all the Roman period movies. :)

Holly at 11:08 pm February 16

lol, I love it! Did your professor laugh or make a comment?

The Ex-Leper: I do have a similar story I was downstairs at my church one time scrounching for food and there was a chalkboard in one of the empty classrooms so in the top corner i wrote
"What, a swallow carrying a coconut??"
"It could grip it by the husk!"
next week however I looked and it had been erased haha

Holly at 10:44 am February 16

Every time you go, you should write another quote when nobody is around :)

The Ex-Leper at 11:24 am February 16

I think I will I actually considered that before I wil lstart doing that

the_thina: haha, I keep reading storys like this one in here all the time. us pythonfans really are confusing the rest of the human race all the time I think. qouting and beeing allaround wierd. ^^
I myself was spray-painting the whole town I lived in with "make tea not love" one drunken night some 10 years ago. I know its a criminal act I tell now, but you guys wont tell anyone it was me, right? ;)

Holly at 10:44 am February 16

hahaha, I love hearing about the things other people have done. I just see everything as Python related. It definitely makes my boring life more tolerable :)

the_thina at 10:53 am February 16

oh yes absolutely. and one thing I loved was that my grandmother on my fathers side was EXACTLY like graham in penguin on the television when she started getting old and confused. she was so funny. once she called my mom to say (wait for it!) that she thought that her phone didnt work! honestly, that could have been written of the pythons themselfs! XD

Holly at 10:56 am February 16

lol, my Grandma ask my Mom about 2 weeks ago, "when did they start putting Coke in plastic bottles, is that new?"

the_thina at 11:02 am February 16

hahaha. real life pepperpots is the shit! I love little old ladies, and they love me and always comes up and asks me about my piercings and tattoos. they are completely facinated by them. haha <3

Holly at 11:09 am February 16

lol, I'm getting a silly walk tatoo on my shoulder to cover up a little bumble bee.

the_thina at 11:10 am February 16

I have thought about getting a silly walk tattoo as well. or some gilliam-cartoon. :)

Holly at 11:12 am February 16

ooh, I was going to get a smashed fairy to cover up one on my ankle, but a gilliam cartoon would be awesome....I can't decide. Laurel (my sister) thinks I should get the cupid's foot from the credits.

the_thina at 11:20 am February 16

haha. I really like the train with nose and mouth in the beginning of meaning of life. and this one.

WolfSpirit: HAHAHAH Thats brilliant... though I'd have left it up of course lol

You know I didn't realise for the longest time that Eric has one arm in that sketch lol

Holly at 4:01 pm February 01

:) that's one of the first things I noticed, for some reason I like to look at there hands.

Lvndr HppE at 10:55 pm February 15

Hey, I didn't realize that!

Lady and Laird Candermine: That's a cute story... sound like a nice boss.. hope so!

... ... sometimes I think this is one of my most favs... but heck... they are all so good.. but I doooo doooo dooo love this one.... thanks Holly!!!! :)

Holly at 8:37 pm January 30

I've always heard how strict & serious he is, so I really dodged a bullet.

thewastelandr: Ahahaha! I wonder if he had seen that sketch??

Paute: Jajaja mosquitos hunters!
The tank of the end... The Best!!