open invitation!

as a few of you know a friend of mine opened a youtube-channel devoted to neil.
I came along as a side-kick, making graphics, background-pictures, doing some editiong, making musick-videos to songs that had non and so on.
nut now the guy who started it all have become a father, so its all changing diepers and ceaning up baby-sick all day long, so he said "you better take care of the whole thing from now on thina, I dont have the energy!"

but I thought, why not make a party of it and invite LOADS of neil-fans? have allreday 2 new side-kicks, and why not a few from in here. *looking a little extra at erica, laura and maybe hanri* but everyone is welcome!

BUT there are a few guide-lines.

1. dont steal ANYTHING from neilinnes-org´s chanel, they have put down so much work on their stuff, BUT there is a playlist you can save their stuff in without taking away any credit.
2. if you upload something that is an exact copy of something someone else has uploaded, disable commenting
3. if you have edited a clip (made a 4-song-clip into 4 different clips or taken out a long speach before or after) leave the coment in
4. music is what we all came for, but kids-shows, away wth words and interviews are very nice to have as well
5. if you make a video to a song you think is great but have no video, try your best to NOT make it a dull slide-show, put in some effort with moving pictures in it
6. the apparences of bonzos on the missing episodesog DNAYS is aways more interesting than another clip from hollywood bowl

so if you are interseted in helping me making this a fab channel than just say so in a comment below and I will PM you the password!


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