The opening night of Almost the Truth at the Ziegfeld Theater

I just found this on YouTube - Michael and Terry talk about the 40th Anniversary of Pythons. Don't you just want to squeeze them and give them the biggest hug???

Part 2:,
Part 3:,
Part 4:

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Amazing vids ! Thanks so much:)) Michael looks visibly jet-lagged but still charming.
Love my Pythons:)

Hanri: THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing these clips! Really made my morning. :)

And just look at Bill! Funny so see the same expressions on his face than his dad. Go Jones'!

housepet1 at 6:32 am November 03

Bill even sounds like Terry, doesn't he? I stepped away from my computer while watching this and thought for sure that was Terry not Bill...

kisch at 10:03 am November 03

That's what I noticed too ! Similarities are quite apparent.

housepet1 at 10:57 am November 03

I do have to say, Terry looks a lot better than Bill... :-D

Lady April at 11:17 am November 03

I'll agree with that and there ends my opinion :-P

housepet1: Here is part 2 and 3,, Sorry, I don't know how to navigate this site yet, so I could post the videos, NOT the links...

marga: yes! pity they weren't interviewed together! :)

Lady April at 10:48 am November 02

This is after the self-interview they did on the stage together. Or was it before? I think after but anyway I like the individual comments! Very inciteful actually!

housepet1 at 11:50 am November 02

I think it's after...

housepet1 at 11:56 am November 02

Oh no, I meant to say before...

housepet1: Parts 2 and 3 are to follow...

Lady April at 10:47 am November 02

Thanks soooo much for the link ma'am - have I told you I love you today Elena?????

housepet1 at 11:48 am November 02

No, but I welcome shameless love gushing anytime! :-)

Lady April at 8:59 am November 03

See YOU in the shameless DROOOL II thread then ;-P

Fettle at 10:53 am November 02

Thats a great video!! Michael looking and sounding lovely as ever :)

Lady April at 11:18 am November 03

Mmmmmm yes he does! LOVE him ;-P