the original history of the joke sketch

Okay, we've all seen the History of the Joke sketch from Live at the Hollywood Bowl, but have we seen the original sketch that it was based on? I was doing a little digging on YouTube, and I found this. I was wondering if anyone else had to.

Side note: Happy birthday Mr. Idle! :D

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arkennedy: Thanks :) I hadn't seen this before.

Here Comes Another One: Ooh, I've seen this before. It's hilarious! I can't decide which is my favourite version, because the Secret Policeman's Ball version is the best timed, but both the other versions have the plank, which my juvenile sense of humour cannot resist, and then Live at the Hollywood Bowl has Gilliam eating the banana, which shouldn't be funny at all, but it is. XDD

Lvndr HppE: Classic sketch