Our interview with Jonesy - Ask Terry!! and enjoy this chance.

Hi all! Well, this thread is a great oportunity for all of us.
Terry kindly access to answer our questions when he have time. (And of course if he want).
So, I think we need a few rules to ask him, because we need an order (to avoid confusions).

1- Be respectful.
2- Ask about Terry's work (not personal life or about other member of Pythons).
3- Only ONE ask for person. You put your Q and wait to Terry's answer. Don't send a questionary.
4- If you see 3 questions without answer, wait for Terry's answer. And then you can put your Q.
5- We don't want to annoy or lose all his time here, be brief and concise.

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goalieboy82: was it true you saved Monty Python's Flying Circus from ending up like dr who with some episodes missing

Paute: Witch sketch you enjoy it more write with Michael? Maybe isn´t the most famous but you are really proud about that sketch. (Could be from DNAYS or Flying Circus or Ripping Yards...)

TheRealGilliamFan: I'll play.
Do you know if Zattikka will ever go forth with The Ministry of Silly Games? The wait is killing me.............

French Taunter: LOL !!! ... and you are talking on not pushing things or people to do someting (I have wellknown friends and it is not certainly this way you are going to have the replies you are waiting for, maybe if you are a journalist ... but if you get a reply that means a lot too from Terry or other python!:]) Someone gives you a hand, you ask for the entier arm!

TheRealGilliamFan at 5:52 pm July 12


French Taunter at 3:21 am July 13

That is a good taunt huh? ;)

mrsCutout: Can I say it's a wonderful idea?Thanks! Now I'll sit and think about my questions!