Palin Election T-Shirt

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MontyPython93: Hahaha xD

mrsCutout: Hillarious!

the_thina: haha. that was a good one. but I somehow dont think mike would want to work with that side if he went into politics

Lady April at 10:01 pm November 23

Ya think?

the_thina at 10:10 pm November 23

yep. dont know much about his poitical belifes at all, but somehow I think he would not stand behind them. maybe its just wishful thinking from my side, but dont think so. do you know were he stands politicly? if someone in here would know it ought to be you. :)

Lady April at 9:38 am November 24

Michael is pretty much a liberal whom I believe rather liked the basic socialist ideals until it was made quite clear the world was just not ready for it yet.
Can't get any more easy going than that!

kisch at 9:59 am November 24

oh yes, he's once described himself as "moderately Labour". Whi is I think for a Brit is the most reasonable place to be.

Lady April at 10:32 am November 24

That is where I am in y current industry. I have no choice but to be just that as a minority of the working class.

Lady April: That is very funny.