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Yeah, i did it myself! Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year! ( maybe a bit too early? )

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arkennedy: Unfortunately it didn't seem to work for me afterall. So here is a second attempt to post it. If it still doesn't work the offer still stands to anyone who wants to pm me with thier e-mail address to see it.

Here is the link to try:

arkennedy: I don't know if this will work or not but hopefully it will. It should be 5 Grahams as Brian. If it doesn't work feel free to send me a private message with your e-mail address so I can send it to you if you want to see it.

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

arkennedy at 12:36 am December 11

please ignore what I've posted above (the post that has the links "Elfyourself" and "eCards") I tried embedding and for some reason those two links appeared. My second attempt however did work so please try that link if you want to see the all Graham one that I made.

And By the way, Thanks Wacky Queen for posting the video you made, even though I'm not a disco fan, I really enjoyed it :) Great choices for the pics of the Pythons.

WackyQueen at 11:22 am December 12

Thanks! :D


Ok I couldn't resist...

thewastelandr at 9:56 am December 10

Unfortunately I couldn't get Graham in there...

WackyQueen at 10:46 am December 10

Hahah!! :D

mrsCutout: wow good job!I still can't use mashcast damn! you're good thnks so much!

Hanri at 10:35 pm December 08

Are you having trouble downloading the app, or just don't know how to use it? 'Cause with the latter one I can help you. :)

mrsCutout at 11:50 am December 09

I think i did download it i mean i can log in i just can't do anything elese haha!me and technology ...

Hanri at 10:34 pm December 09

Well on the Start tab, there should be a button "get started". There's a Welcome video made by yours truly, that might give you some hints on the basic stuff. And if it goes too fast, you can watch it again and again and again... :)

CamelSpotter: Great choice of facial expressions!

arkennedy: Thanks for posting this. You waited until December so I don't think it's too early. Great video btw :)

Lady April: LOL funneh! Right on WQ!

thewastelandr: Awww! My two favorites! Good work!

WackyQueen at 12:46 pm December 07

Did you see the video? :D

thewastelandr at 2:14 pm December 08

Yes! I didn't realize they were all in it until after I posted that... haha! Good work! I made one of my family, including my dog, and we were laughing for hours over them!

WackyQueen at 2:27 pm December 08

I made one with my dog too, and Michael Palin and Gregory Peck. Random, i know.. xD

thewastelandr at 2:31 pm December 08

Hahaha! You should post that one too!