personal note 3

guess you all know what these vids are about by now... but now I talk to you in english that I hope wont sound too terrible. enjoy my flat!
and if you can find my 2 different (or 3 decounding on how you count) word-play thingies (misstakes made just for fun) you win a big price!

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mrsCutout: Aaah! It's so bautiful Thina!! So glad for you! Love your accent!Oh and your cat! Wow!! :D

the_thina at 12:55 pm December 26

wow, I am amazed how many like my accent. I always feel so stupid when I speak in english, because it dont match up with the lovely cockney-accent I have in my head when I read someting in english. but thanks everyone! :D

mrsCutout at 5:10 pm December 26

Hahaha! Is this what you go for!? Lovely just lovely! You speak very well! Have you ever heard greeks speak english? There are clinics all over the world in Athens too where you go and they help you improve your accents in languages with a special ear thing cause that's where the accents come from! I'll go next year!

Holly: I'm in agreement with J.Gambolputty! Your accent is fantastic & your cat is adorable! You've got a nice apartment & I'm jealous of the snow.

J.Gambolputty: Your home looks very nice and I love your accent. :) Oh, and your cat is so adorable!
The bookself-presentation was great. Wish I would have that much of Stephen King.. He's a very good writer.

silly Ministress: I love your cat! and your place looks awesome.I especially liked the garfield alarm clock^^ was one of the word-play things that you said four fabs in stead of the fab four?

the_thina at 4:47 pm December 25

one of them yeah, but therew are more

Holly at 8:24 pm December 25

I loved that you called them the four fabs. :)

the_thina at 12:56 pm December 26

haha, yeah "fab four" is a bit worn out now after 40-50 years, dont you think? ^^

kisch: I love your cute Swedish accent Thina!:)))) Thanks for the tour!

Here Comes Another One: Nice place Thina - and your cat is SO CUTE! She's the star of the show!