Pet's reactions to Python Sketches

The other day I was watching my one of my Monty Python Dvds specifically the Cyclist Tour episode. Apparently my cat Sassy was not impressed with Michael in this episode because every time he fell off the bicycle she ran up to the screen and slapped him!

As for me the Cycling Tour is one of my fave episodes and Michael is one of my two fave Pythons. (Gilliam is the other one, a fact that anyone who frequented the old Pythonline site a couple months ago or earlier probably guessed:) ) However Sassy's reactions were funny to watch.

Has any one else's pets had interesting reactions to Python sketches? I'd love to read about them:)

BTW: here are the links to the other parts of the Cycling Tour Sketch for those who want to see it:

part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

BTW2: The cat in the pic is Sassy.

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a_nervous_wreck: My cat was pretty pissed at me today. Why? Because she was about to scratch my neighbor's cat's eye out, and when I tried to call her over, she goes all Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bitch and runs back just to scratch my leg, so my natural reaction was to kick her. Anyway, I was watching Life of Brian today, and when the spaceship scene came on, my cat bolts into the room, looking very unamused about the sounds the aliens were making. When I paused the TV so I could go to the bathroom, she turns to walk out, so naturally I started experimenting by pausing and unpausing the TV. Needless to say I almost didn't make it to the bathroom in time with the amount of fun I was having.

the_thina at 1:53 am February 13

haha, good to know Im not the only one evil enough to tease the cat when she is pissed off

a_nervous_wreck at 2:01 am February 13

Yep, I'm pretty evil, but my kitty has forgiven me. She's curled up right next to right now

the_thina at 2:18 am February 13

aaaw. :) my cat just jumped down from my bed to go and see if there is any food for her in her bowl. cats are very "live and let live", I was teasing the shit out of her only a few hors ago as well

Lvndr HppE: My dog doesn't do anything when Python is on. He doesn't react to the tv at all, but whenever my brother's dog spends time with us, and he hears another dog (either in the street or on tv) barking, he starts barking back. There's a part in "Eric Idle Exploits Monty Python" where there are barking dogs singing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life", so you can guess what he does when he's around and I'm watching that.

Here Comes Another One: I was watching the live Parrot Sketch on Secret Policeman's Ball, when Cleese is giving merry hell to the parrot. My cat jumped up & started pawing the screen. Whether he was going for John or the parrot, I'm not sure! I wish he'd do it again so I could get a picture, it was so funny!

arkennedy: I decided to bring this thread back into circulation in case any new members want to share any of their pet's reactions to Python sketches (or if any one else does)

Lady and Laird Candermine: my cat just blew up!

jupiterblue: I was watching the Icelandic Honey sketch thing from the 4th season and my cat flipped out when the cat on screen started making it's noises. XD

Hanri: My cat suddenly became very jumpy.... WIERD!

arkennedy at 2:44 pm January 03

Any particular sketch?

Hanri at 1:00 am January 04

The Cycling Tour. But the wierd thing is I was wearing headphones. Odd sounds coming through I suppose. ;D

Kasmira at 10:41 am January 15

What would my mom's cats think about the Cycling Tour sketch... Have to test next time I'm there. :D

Hanri at 5:24 am January 17

If they start looking like squirrels like my cat does when she's alert, have your camera ready! :D

arkennedy at 4:19 pm January 10

That's interesting :) it's the same sketch my cat reacted to

Hanri at 12:03 am January 15

I KNOW! :D It's my all time favorite episode, by the way. :) I wish I could find the music from it for mashing, I'd convert it from youtube, but I don't want the laugh to come thru. Does anyone remember which track is it and who wrote it? Does anyone have it by any chance?

The Ex-Leper: my dog doesnt react to much...except when my brother and I were watching poltergeist and their dog was going crazy over the wall above the bed my dog was asleep and when the dog starts barking he sits up and stares at the TV with this really weird look on his face and as soon as that part is over he goes right back to that weird?

arkennedy at 4:27 pm December 22

Kind of makes you wonder what the dog in the movie was saying :)

The Ex-Leper at 9:35 am January 03

that's exactly what I was wondering! haha

thewastelandr: Nothing about the Pythons, but my dog starts barking at the TV every time John Lennon comes on. Not sure what that means...

the_thina at 11:58 pm December 19

singing along maybe? :P
what is dogs reaction to rutles then? ^^

thewastelandr at 12:03 am December 20

Hahaha haven't figured that one yet... haven't had time to watch it! I'll let you know! My dog doesn't do anything when it's Paul, George, or Ringo - just John. It's really weird...

the_thina at 12:31 am December 20

haha. but that is the lovely thing with animals, their weird ideas. :)

thewastelandr at 9:02 am December 20

Exactly! They provide hours of entertainment.

the_thina at 11:35 am December 20

yep. sometimes I feel that when you got a kitty you dont need a tv. you got live comedy in your home. but then again cats sleep 17 hours a day.


ps: a pic I once found. not my cat, but thought it was cute. :)

the_thina: haha. oh what a lovely reaction. and very cute cat as well. my cat dont care much about python, exept when I watch holy garil and they step at a cat during knights of the round table. that noise always makes her stop whatever she is doing and stare at the screen and then at me. :P

arkennedy at 4:52 pm December 19

Thanks. Sassy will be pleased :)

I'd probably have the same reaction to that scene in Holy Grail if I were a cat :)

the_thina at 5:02 pm December 19

yes. but all cats are beauties in my eyes. :)

haha, yeah. and that look she gives me. you know "what was that? WHAT DID YOU DO?"-look. hihi

arkennedy at 5:05 pm December 19

I agree, I've never seen a cat that I didn't think was beautiful.

I know that look very well :) cat's can be very expressive can't they?

the_thina at 5:19 pm December 19

yeah. cats are the best. love them so much.

oooh yes they really can. speaking of witch, my cat is half-sleeping on my legs at the moment, and when she is looking at me its that look of pure love. just melts my heart. :)