Philosopher's Football Match

If you want this t-shirt help me to produce it here:

thanks :)

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mrsCutout: Hahahah wow this is impresive!!!! I want it!

thewastelandr: WOW that is awesome!! When can we buy that?

Holly: that's a nice shirt, I would definitely wear it.

joana barata: I have a another monty python tee available here:

Lvndr HppE at 8:30 am June 12

How cute! It's Confuse a Cat! Now that I'd buy.

joana barata: thanks!!!

I will try to explain all the steps:

at the right top of the page click on "cadastre-se"

then you fill in that order: name, email, user name, password, repeat password, put the safe code and click on "criar conta"

The Ex-Leper: okay so is there any way that the website you have there can be put in English because I can't understand what is going on on there haha :P

The Ex-Leper: wow that is awesome I would totally get that :D

Paute: Ohhhh Great!!! i wanna!!!

Lvndr HppE: OMGosh! That is so cool Thanks for posting this.