Photo: Carol Cleveland arriving in Texas 9/28/2010

Here's a snapshot of Miss Carol Cleveland arriving in Dallas from London last night. She still looks good!

This is her first visit to Texas in at least 30 years, she told us, and quite probably her last trip to the USA. Unless she meets a rich Texan; at which point she can be persuaded to return. Seriously, she's looking. Any takers?

Carol will be the Guest of Honor at Monty Python Madness which is the charity celebration of all things Python taking place in Grapevine (between Dalals & Fort Worth) this weekend. It starts with Bangers & Mash & Movies on Thursday and continues through Carol Cleveland's live career retrospective at Grapevine's Palace Theatre on Sunday evening. Tickets and more details are at

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arkennedy: Thanks for sharing this. You're right, she does still look good :)

I grew up in Dallas, I wish I was still living there now. If I were I'd definitely be going to Monty Python Madness.

Johnnyrose: Fantastic moment!!! Lovely pic, lgroebe !! Man, how I love to go....

the_thina: hehe, I know I guy hwo would be more than happy to have her, but he isent rich nor texan. :P

Johnnyrose at 2:17 pm September 29

Another one? ;0)

the_thina at 5:24 pm September 29

no, just the one... ;)