Photos from Not The Messiah - Royal Albert Hall London 23rd Oct

Here are some photos taken during the curtain calls at the Royal Albert Hall - Not The Messiah on October 23rd

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flashyphotos: Cheers yes it was a superb night, and our 20th Wedding Anniv which made it more special. The Lumberjack Song was the suprise second encore, MP stripped from his ceasar costume to reveal the lumberjack outfit, and the mounties arrived on stage (Including Sanjeev Bhaskar) which was a nice touch as he was the last King from the Spamalot London Production.

mrsCutout: Well i doesn't matter there was no video!Ihope you had a good time though!Did they sing lumberjack song cause i saw michael dressed up!

flashyphotos: There were multiple cameras in use - 3 Large fixed on the main floor, a Close up Remote Cam in front of the Arena seats on the leads, a Flying Cam, A handycam roving the orchestra and a fixed on the organ bay covering the conductor,

marrcoshark: Please tell me that there was a (Pro) film/video crew there getting this.

flashyphotos: I did't take any video I am afraid, although I am sure many people did, I had a fairly bulky camera so had to restrict photos to the curtain call as the stewards were right next to me.

As the event was well filmed in full, lets just hope for an early DVD release

mrsCutout: I feel sooooo soooooo bad!How I wish i could be there! I miss all those grat things going on!I think i'll be moving very soon!!! THANKS so much for sharing!Should we wait for a video as well?

armenia67 at 9:27 am October 24

Thanks for sharing the great photos!!!

DadofFFC at 2:18 pm October 24

There were a number of people recording clips so well worth keeping an eye on youtube. As mentioned, it was being filmed (professionally) in earnest. A great night, so lets hope a DVD does it justice. I will keep my programme and candle somewhere safe.

TheLateColonelVolestranglerBracketsMrs at 12:47 pm October 25

It was being filmed, for a DVD release probably around Easter, according to Eric. (The other Pythons sneaked away through the delivery door, apparently, but Eric and Carol both came out the stage door, after about 3 hours and the multitude had dwindled to a throng, and signed things and posed for pics.)
It was also recoreded by the BBC for transmission on Radio 3 at Christmas.