Phwoar! Drool!! Slobber!!1!?1!! Nude Ladies Archive

Roll up! Roll up! Erotic pictures and damp underpants FTW! This is why we're all here on Pythonline, after all: to look at photos that TURN. US. ON. The secret of Python is Simon Cowellesque boy bands that look good but can't sing!

Post your fave pics of nude ladies to slobber over and drool on here.


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Time for a nude lady.

Paute: Here more!!

genji at 2:04 pm November 21

Not really.


Here - have a nude lady.

arkennedy: Good idea. Everyone deserves to have something to drool over if they want. My mother saw this and said "It's the guys' naughty bits thread" . She's been a fan of Python since the 70s.

Here Comes Another One at 6:26 pm October 25

I totally agree. Because if you watch Python & don't fancy anyone in it, then I enjoy it twice as much as you. Hahahaha. *cue 16-ton weight*

There was a Carol Cleveland drooling thread some time ago... maybe you should resurrect that, genji?

genji at 2:45 am October 26

Um - that's kind of missing the point, don't you think?

Here Comes Another One at 3:47 am October 26

Well, I initially assumed you started the thread as a joke, but since a couple of people seemed to take it seriously and you didn't correct them, I wondered if I'd missed the point. Anyway, why shouldn't people drool over Carol?

genji at 3:52 am October 26

No, you got the point first time round. I think everyone else is just pulling my leg. After all - they're cartoon nude ladies.

I am a bit disappointed that only Mrs.Cutout has joined in, though.

Here Comes Another One at 3:57 am October 26

Here's one from one of my absolute favourite Gilliam cartoons.

genji at 4:45 am October 26

That is an excellent one, I must agree. "You need to take all the opportunities you can get, dear."

arkennedy at 9:15 pm October 25

That's right there is :) it was started by Johnnyrose. Here's the link:

TheRealGilliamFan: LOL Genji, I'm glad to see you getting into the "drool slobber" spirit haha ;)


I got one I got one!

genji at 11:22 pm October 24

Brilliant! Well done.

mrsCutout at 6:54 am October 25

oh thank you thank you :D

Here Comes Another One: AAAAAND in the red corner, it's genji, with nude ladies!

And in the right corner, it's the Palin droolers!

But wait - before the fight can start, the nude ladies start chasing Palin. And he's running round and round the ring. And he's trying to get out, but oooooh no, he's tripped on the ropes, and he's fallen flat on his face! And the crowd points and laughs.

And now, what's this, the Palin droolers have started chasing genji! And they've got pictures of Palin! And genji takes the ropes in a single bound and is fleeing the arena. But wait, he's bringing reinforcements! The topless women from Meaning of Life are pursuing the Palin droolers - and Palin - and the other nude ladies! And they're all heading towards a nearby cliff ... and genji sits down in the middle of the boxing ring with a nice cup of tea and a good book, and keeps his ears open for the telltale squelching noises to come.

genji at 12:28 am October 24

Haha, very good.


genji at 12:28 am October 24


Here Comes Another One at 12:48 am October 24

Well, this is a step in the right direction for Pythonline equality. I mean, those who get turned on at the sight of a tube of Crelm toothpaste oughtn't to be excluded.

genji at 2:30 am October 24

mmm... Crelm.

gruggywoof: This might just be the best post ever.

genji at 9:39 am October 27

I suppose you're probably right. ;)

Here's a good one - what happened next?

genji at 9:39 am October 27


the_thina: haha, someone was a little drunk again? :P

genji at 11:45 pm October 23

Oh, does it show?

This is how I deal with X-factor on Saturday evenings. Headphones, video/audio content on my laptop, and vodka.

the_thina at 12:15 am October 24

haha, I know how you feel. but this friday I watched idol (our version of american idol, thats sort of like x-factor, right?) because they had a beatles-theme. thought I would hate it all and get pissed off, but most of them did a good job! was a bit supriced.

genji at 2:40 am October 24

That's fair enough - it'd be like going to watch a Beatles tribute band. Or that An Evening Without Monty Python show.

the_thina at 4:03 am October 24

exactly. I love beatles, so I could not resist. especially this performance blew my mind.

genji at 11:39 am October 24

Er... that was a joke, right?

the_thina at 2:08 pm October 24

no, why would it be? I really like that guys voice. ok, he may look and move a bit silly, but when it comes to music I dont care about looks or moves, its still the MUSIC that is imoprtant

the_thina at 2:15 pm October 24

oh sorry, I clicked on the link and seems I had forgotten to copy the right adress. hahaha, so that was NOT the one I ment.
HERE is the link:
Im sorry, had been awake for almost 24 hours when I made that post

genji at 11:26 pm October 24

Haha. I'm glad you double-checked it. The first one was bloody awful.

the_thina at 1:06 am October 25

noooo! dont diss smaklösa! haha. I grew up listening to them (and they probobly made it easier for me to get in to the bonzos, toy dolls, wierd al and stuff like that later on) but if you dont understand the language it can sound... strange to say the least I guess. ;) btw, the name smaklösa translates into tasteless, and the reason they are called that is thats what people told them they were when they began to play. they are extremely funny

Here Comes Another One at 11:56 pm October 23

Haha - I sooo feel your pain. You're in the UK right? I've seen some of the latest series. It's the format as much as the people - all that swirly sentimental music and montages and people talking about their hearts, and their dreams - bleaaagh. You should look up the Australian version, there's this guy called Altyan who thinks he's Jon Bon Jovi, and keeps hugging people and crying. Forget vodka, you'll need absinthe!

genji at 2:37 am October 24

It's the viewing figures. It's frightening how many people watch it week after week and year after year. It's destroyed pop music, which is now all about trying to sound the same as everyone else instead of doing something new and different. Original musicians and bands aren't rewarded, but jumping on the factory production line is. It's the same with films. Original, sparky film makers like Mr. Gilliam just don't get the respect and reward they deserve.

Here Comes Another One at 4:03 am October 25

Film-makers, musicians, comedians of that generation all say there's no way anyone could do now what they did then, because of the state of the industry now. That's why the originals are the best and no one's coming to replace them!