Please... ¡Help!

Someone has high quality photos of the group?
And each of the members? I want me a nice table and can not find good photos.

Thank you! thank you! thank you!.

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arkennedy: You'll find several pics of Gilliam in my media section, as well as a few pics of the other Pythons. You're welcome to use any of those that you want to.

Paute at 2:22 pm January 10

I see over there. Thank you for your help and answer

the_thina: you can add me on msn: and then we start a shairing-folder that way you can get them all I have on my pc.

Paute at 2:24 pm January 10

Ok! but patience because my english isn´t good.

the_thina at 12:20 pm January 12

I know the feeling. english is not my first language either

Lady April: If you click on my name and goto my Media section there are a couple really good blogs I have that are packed with photos! Most on page 2 of my media, A John, one for Eric, One for Graham,John and David, 2 for Michael and one for all of the Pythons.

Paute at 10:14 am January 08

Yes! I took there pictures. There wonderful. My wall be happy.

Lady April at 10:19 am January 08

No prob! Thats what they're there for! =)

WackyQueen: I like those upside down exclamation marks.
Well, search Flickr, you can find pretty rare photos there. :P

the_thina at 3:09 pm January 08

aint it just an i? :P

Paute at 10:11 am January 08

The Spanish custom. I looked Flicker but did not have good quality.
Thank you!

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