Possible return?

Yes yes indeedy. I have truly disappeared for a few months now haven't I? During this time I've even considered deleting my pythonline account due to my disappearance. But I think I've been drawn back. I've missed this place...though it's new/different format still throws me off. Excuses, I have none. This isn't necessarily an announcement of return, well, maybe it is (I can never make up my mind). But do not fret, the python spirit never truly left this loony. :)

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kisch: PHLEEEEASE do come back, dear!
I miss you! :))))

arkennedy: Hi crzyltvn, it's great to hear from you again :)

the_thina: welcome back! :)

Lvndr HppE: Well, if you are back, Welcome Back! I don't think we've met. Lvndr HppE! {shakes hand}

crzyltvn at 7:47 pm April 22

Thank you. No I don't think we have. *shakes hand* Crzyltvn, crzy for short. Don't worry, I don't bite and am completely harmless. :)

Lvndr HppE at 7:48 pm April 22

That's. . good to know!

crzyltvn at 7:50 pm April 22

Haha, yes, it usually is.