Posted for Paute... Lovely Michael pics!

Some of these I have never seen! But there are some I have, either way I am posting this by request.....

Oh doooo love it!!!! YUM! YUM!

b/t/w having issues posting photos this morning so the link is all ya get apparently =( whatta pisser!

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Lady and Laird Candermine: thanks, Lady April!!!

housepet1: OMG, EYE CANDYYYY!!! I needed that today, thank you!!! Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!! *licks screen*

Lady April at 5:07 pm January 12

Mmmmmm isn't he though???? *le sigh*


The same thing happened with the photos of Eric's why I sent those of Michael. Do not know why not let me upload them. I'll finish pasting the link.

Lady April at 1:02 pm January 12

Yea, I don't know either. So weird. The link is on this post for Michael pics so I guess as soon as they are postable we can just knock em all out in here!!! =)
They are lovely pics too!!!! Thanks a bunch Paute!