A present to John Cleese, from all Pythonliners

John is passing thru a difficult time (divorce, and all), so on behalf of all Pythonliners (I'm not lying, am I?), her's something to put some sunny in your... day!

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The Ex-Leper: Best wishes John! I do love you so! :) <3

kissmyarrrtichoke: Haha I bet he'll just love that!! Yeah good luck John you're awesome :)

mrsCutout: Great!Let's wish to John the best!

the_thina: haha. good one. bur what is the sign the cartoon baby is holding saying?

Johnnyrose at 2:43 pm November 29


the_thina at 7:31 pm November 29

aaah. I had seen it before but could not remember