A Private Function

Her's one of the few films of Michael Palin that I never saw. Did you saw it?

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I've never seen it either but just judging by the pics I've seen alone it looks like it would be interesting.

(Please click on the image, it should be animated)

arkennedy at 11:28 am December 08

I didn't know about the animal slaughter part though, I don't think I would like that aspect of it, but if I find it I'll probably give it a chance and rent it.

Lady April at 11:30 am December 08

I am not sayingto NOT watch it, I watched it once and the performances are great and I also love MAggie but the topic of slaughtering a pig rubs me the wrong way.

arkennedy at 11:37 am December 08

I didn't think you were saying not to watch it. It's just that I realized that what I typed under the pic I posted may have made it seem like I supported slaughtering animals and I didn't want to give the wrong impression. That's why I made the clarification and said I not too sure about that part of the film.

Lady April at 11:44 am December 08

No no no Arky not like that at all! LOL. It was just my personal feeling from the movie. Nothing to do with your comment.

Lady April at 11:45 am December 08

In fact Michaels character is rather sensitive toward the piggy and does not wish to slaughter him. That was nice.

arkennedy at 11:48 am December 08

Oh, okay :) I see now.

kisch: Brilliant writing this one is. Very English. Dunno why it's called comedy, it's actually quite dark ! Thу cast is amazing.
Actually, I didn't particulary like it the first time I watched it, but it grew on me enormously. And I love Maggie Smith too !

Hanri: I have it. Not as hilarious as the Missionary, but as April put it cute just the same. :) And I love Maggie Smith.

Lady April: I have seen it. It was cute but Ihave a difficult following things that present animal slaughter.