Project Chapman

Whoaaa, look what I found! Some previews from Project-Chapman! Maybe they're not new to you. Anyhow, I can't wait to see the film!

'A Liar’s Autobiography' is going to be filmed. The film - wich appears in 3D - consists of fifteen chapters wich are made by different animation studios. That provide for visuel very different animations (wich are vary between 3-12 minuts)

Süperfad is one of those studios and is working at an computer animation of seven minuts. A preview of that style you can see at the third image.

The film is expected in Spring 2012 in British cinemas.

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Mrs Attila the Hun 93:

Here's a vid of the animators getting together to film the credits in which they all sing The Medical Love Song. Quite a fitting tribute me thinks.

Pantomime horse: And more and more! :D

Pantomime horse at 12:59 pm November 27

Here come two other ones...

a_nervous_wreck at 4:40 pm November 27

Eek! Thank you! These are to awesome for words!

Pantomime horse: Added one more pic! :D

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: The new pics feel very Yellow Submarine-ish :D

mrs galahad 19: YAY! MORE PICS!!

Iris: Thanks! Can't wait to see it. Hopefully it will come out on dvd in Holland as well.

Pantomime horse at 9:49 am October 12

Met jou kan ik (in het Nederlands) praten! ;D

Iris at 12:46 pm October 12

Haha handig hè ;) Jij hebt zeker ook nog niks gehoord of de dvd ook in Nederland uitkomt? Of in de bioscoop zou nog beter zijn :)

Pantomime horse at 7:26 am October 13

Nope, hellaas nog niks van gehoord..

mrsCutout at 6:10 am October 13

And in Greece!

Pantomime horse: I know nothing about any other dates.. I hope for you it will come out soon (and for me too XD)

And oh dear, I found more pics!

mrs galahad 19: Any dates for it to be released in the States? Or will I have to wait a billion years for it to come out on DVD?

mrsCutout: Ηaha wow it must be interesting! And!

mo: Can't wait.Thanks.:)

mrs galahad 19: This is totally new to me!! Thanks a bunch for sharing!

a_nervous_wreck: Oh wow! I'd already seen the first two pics, but the other two are new to me. Thanks a bunch Pantomime Horse. I can't wait for this to be shown in America!

Pantomime horse at 8:15 am October 12

Not at all! And please call me Panto or something! :D