Punk ISN'T Dead...is it?

It was bound to happen sooner or later...I love the Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Undertones, X-Ray Spex...So I'm declaring myself a punk. Proper, angry, gobbing, sneering, pogo-ing, safety-pins in the mouth punk. Well, without the anger or the gobbing, actually...But I was wondering, is punk really dying out completely? I can't find any others : (

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mrsCutout at 6:26 am August 09

Hahha ofcourse!The Pistols were of the first punk bands to appear.

LemonCurry95 at 11:14 am August 09

Punk sort of started in america, but didn't really take off, so the english had a go and turns out we did it quite well ; D When you watch documentaries on the Pistols, you always see a few videos of gigs, and there's someone in the crowd everytime who started their own band afterward! : P

mo at 2:44 pm August 08

Interesting.Didnt know that.

Arthur-two sheds-jackson at 8:30 am August 11

The Ramones, New York Dolls, Suicide, Sham 69, The Stooges, The Damed, Siouxsie and the banshees (before they went goth!) The Jam, The Clash

LemonCurry95 at 12:34 pm August 12

All bands you like? Awesome : D Never could get into Siouxsie, but love all the others! I love Sex Pistols, X-Ray Spex, The Undertones, Public Image Ltd (maybe they're more post-punk), Jilted John, Stiff Little Fingers, The Skids, Buzzcocks, Billy Idol...to name a few... : )

Arthur-two sheds-jackson at 12:50 am August 14

Yeah, I love Stiff Little Fingers too! I am a massive punk music fan. Never really dressed in punk type clothes, apart from the odd T-Shirt of course. Of course, in the very early days of punk nobody wore chains or had mohawk haircuts. It was all short-ish hair, blazers, badges and the odd safety pin. The steroypical punk look that you see on london postcards was a lot later on. Over the years I have seen many of my favourite punk bands, including The Sex Pistols (Glen Matlock is and was the original member - none of the Sid bollocks!), SLF, The Dammned, Buzzcocks (from my neck of the woods) and Iggy and The Stooges, who I've seen a couple of times. Of course, I would have loved to have seen these bands back in the day, but I would have been a todler. Still, a lot of these baands still have it, including Iggy Pop who has more energy than singers have his age. A true performer (you can forgive him for selling car insurance). Apart from watching Python, most of my time is spent reading books about Punk, going to exhibitions (the Mick Jones one I went to in London a few years ago was excellent) and listening to the mighty Clash. My favourite band of all time. So yeah, for me Punk lives... Python too!

LemonCurry95 at 7:19 am August 15

You wouldn't believe how wide my smile is right now, reading something writtten by someone who really appreciates the music I LOVE! I'm trying the 'punk look', my own interpretation of it, i guess - tartan trousers covered in zips, scruffy haircut (with some fantastic green splodges in it!), band t-shirts, ripped and pinned clothes; I've even gone and put a padlock on an old wallet chain and I wear it as a necklace. I've completely missed all the bands I love, which sucks a bit. I'd KILL to see the Sex Pistols! I guess because I'm young (and stupid, don't forget) Sid will always be as much a part of the Pistols as any of the others to me, even though I know he couldn't play bass and was only in the band cause he had the perfect look, could cause trouble and was mates with Lydon. No disrespect to Glen, of course : ) Oh, I don't care if Iggy sells car insurance. Everybody has to do something to earn - like Lydon doing the butter ads ; ) I feel like a punk though - my parents don't like it at all (Ooh, it's a bloody racket!). That's a start, I s'pose!

Arthur-two sheds-jackson at 1:36 pm August 16

Hello, Lem Curry95 - its nice to chat to a fellow punk fan.Well, the pistols may do some more gigs in the future, so you never know. I was lucky enough to see them at brixton academy a few years ago (the gig that was filmed for that live dvd). Have you been to see PIL? I wasnt expecting much when I went to see them in Manchester last year, but they were great - Lydon was on excellent form. I even waited over an hour in the bloody cold to meet him and he very kindly signed my well played copy of Never Mind The Bollocks. I alsi never understood why John Lydon gets so much stick about selling country life butter (or cunty life butter as I call it!). Selling out! The man never earned a single penny from the pistols back in the day, so you cant blame him for making a bit of dosh now. There is an excellent punk night in manchester run by John Robb which features performances by small-ish, cult punks bands like The Slits, Sham 39 and Ed Tudor Pole. By the way, parents are not supposed to like the music that you like. Its good to be passionate about something and be different - dont ever forgot it. Good to hear that young people are still listening to punk music and not bollocks like N Dubz

LemonCurry95 at 2:31 am August 17

Oh, you saw the 'There'll Always Be an England' gig? I watched it on TV, they showed a couple of days after MacLaren died (bless him x). I haven't seen PiL, but I'd love to. I sort of discovered PiL several months ago when I bought an album by Ade Edmondson's band 'The Bad Shepherds' - they cover punk/post-punk songs on Folk instruments, with Ade singing (no, seriously, they do). They covered 'Rise' and I just fell in love with the song, and had to hear the original. So I watched/listened to it on You-Tube, and then spent the next 30 minutes listening to just about every PiL song I could find on there. Aw, nice of him to sign your CD. Everyone makes out that he's an arsehole and a has been and all that crap, but I don't believe that. He just gives people his honest opinion. But anyone who'll happily sign CD's for fans in the cold after a long show can't be that bad a person. Haha, I'm sure if they called Country Life Butter that instead in their adverts a few more people might buy it... Aw, love Ten-Pole Tudor! Fair point about parents not liking the music I like. I suppose it'd creepy if my parents both came downstairs in the morning in t-shirts with The Clash on, in ripped jeans and tartan trousers...

Arthur-two sheds-jackson at 1:40 pm August 16

By the way, I also like post punk bands like Joy Division (my favourite band of all time!), Gang Of Four, Wire, The Cult, Killing Joke , Echo and The Bunnymen etc

LemonCurry95 at 2:40 am August 17

I haven't listened to much post-punk. I do hear it occassionally on music TV shows like '80's Shuffle' and 'Video's From the Vault', but there's an awful lot of 80's power-ballad crap to struggle through if I want to see any decent music ; )

Arthur-two sheds-jackson at 1:42 pm August 16

I do have a soft spot for Sid. Always loved his version of My Way. Have you seen the recent doc about him? Its very good!

LemonCurry95 at 2:47 am August 17

My Way...Sid's version IS the best version! Better when played loud and sung along to badly...or is that just me? Recent documentary...oh, is it 'Sid! By Those Who really Knew Him'? I saw that a couple of weeks ago...recorded it, of course, because i'll HAVE to watch it at least fourteen more times : ) It was brilliant, but ever so sad. I found it difficult to watch that short clip of them putting his body in the ambulance (or whatever it was) when they showed the news clip after he'd died. Still, as much as it's awful that he died so young, I guess it suited him...if you get what I mean. A fifty year old Sid Vicious? I don't think so.

Arthur-two sheds-jackson at 12:52 am August 14

... and how could I forget the Ramones