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I know there is a spesific thread for this sunbject, but are never able to find them when I woke up from these dreams. and now I had a great one! this took place in sort of modern day, but not this modern, maybe late 80s or early 90s.

they were all in it, including neil, carol and connie AND (since it was a HP-movie on telly before I fell asleep I think) robbie coltrane and alan rickman. and gray was alive and with us.

they were, but still not exactly who they are in real life, or, they were and had the same names, but were not famous. and for some reason they all lived in sweden even if they still had their original nationalitys, but neil, robbie, alan and eric were struggeling to talk swedish to me. (strangely enough jonesy wasent, even if he IS the one who know a little swedish IRL)

we were all in our late 20s, as I am now.
and we were enviremental activists and animal right activists (vegans) all of us, treveling in a old wolkswagen-bus to some big demonstration/meeting in norway.

and all of the dream took pace on this road-trip. dont remember meny details, but it was a happy dream. robbie beeing scottish wore a kilt too. eric and neil beeing musical as usual, playing guitar and singing all the time. and I was making a big painting of the virgin mary wearing a gas-mask with a dead from gases jesus in her arms. (a design I must remember, have never had one come to me in a dream bafore)

and then mike won a helluva lot of money on a... oh... dont know the english word, but a small iece of paiper you buy and scratch away this grey stuff on it and if you get 3 of one you win that sum.
and we all decided to make tatoos with the image I had painted.
the dream ended when we all left the tattoo-shop after a whole day with all of us having it done and went to sleep in our bus, all lying rolled up together in a big snuggeling mass of bodies.

I woke up in a very good mood, and why shouldnt I when I spent sooooo much time with them all. :)

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Iris: In the last two weeks I had three dreams about Graham being my dad. Very weird. Nice dreams though :)

J.Gambolputty: Really? Am I the only one who keeps seeing Python dreams...?

Anyway, I had 3 last week.

In the first one I was walking along some street where there were these houses, and I was dressed just like Arthur Lemming, and occasionally took a peek to peoples' homes. Suddenly a police shouts at me and starts to chase me and then he pushes me over down to the street. I said: "Wait wait! I'm Lemming of the BDA! Don't shoot me!"
Weird, I know...

The second one was a, naughty. But nothing really happened in it.
There was Eric and Mike, lying on a bed. Talking about something. And they incidentally were naked. At least I supposed so because I only saw their upper bodies and they were...well, bare y'know. They noticed that I was standing behind them and looked at me quite surprised. I just said: "Oh, nothing. Carry on lads. Carry on." and sat down. (Oh god this sounds weird.) Well, they didn't actually do anything, just laid there talking and touching each others hair. Like, brushing their hands through etc. I asked: "Can I join?" or something like that, and they just answered 'No' and told me to go away.

This just gets weirder...

In the third dream I was in a some kind of building, running around looking for something. (not sure if it was the toilet) And then there was a café in one part of the thing, and I went inside and sat down. Then I heard a voice from my side: "Were you looking for something special?" It was Michael. I started to panic in a stupid fangirl-kind of way, and to my pleasent surprise noticed that I had a camera hanging on my neck. I asked if I could take a picture and he said 'yeah, why not. ' I took a few pics and we then left the café. Outside it there was John leaning - in drag - against a wall, and he winked to Michael who continued to walk with John from there on. I just stood there and then woke up.

Don't ask, I am weird.

katithepythonfan at 11:09 am October 10

If I had dreams like that (especially the second one), I would sleep a lot more than I do at the moment...

J.Gambolputty: Oooh, I had a lovely dream about Graham.

I was at home and suddenly the phone rang. It was Graham. I just started to panic that he wouldn't understand me if I spoke English so I just said 'Yes?' in Finnish accidentally. He laughed at my language and said something sarcastic about the Scandinavians, but he said it kindly. Then he asked me to pick him up from a pub where he'd got into a trouble of somekind.
I said "Yeah, I'll come as soon as possible. You just wait there." and yelled at my family to be quiet because I couldn't hear what he answered.
We talked about something else also but I can't remember it anymore. Although I can remember that he was very Graham-like all the time. Very sort of relaxed and self-confident. Argh, I can't explain! But I guess you know what I mean..?

Anyway, I didn't get to pick him up from the pub for some reason, but later on he sent me a text in which he said that he'd already got home safely and thanked me for at least trying to help him.

I woke up feeling quite happy :)

a_nervous_wreck at 10:41 am June 02

Haha! That was a very nice dream JG, it sounds like something Graham would do to :)

The part about you yelling at your family to shut up made me laugh for some reason

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 11:06 am June 02

How adorable! And so typically Gray, too. I wish I could have a Gray dream, but mine always seem to be about Mike. Hmm, I wonder why ... XD

J.Gambolputty at 11:46 am June 02

Fred: It does really! Amazing... :D

Same with me Mrs A, I'd wanted to have a dream about someone else than Mike for some time. And then I did! Incredible. ;)

Here Comes Another One at 12:06 am June 03

I can't remember the last Python dream I had but I've a feeling it was about Graham. I forgot it before I could post it on here and I've only just remembered it now. I've never dreamed about Michael as far as I remember.

Lvndr HppE: I just remembered a dream I had a while back, but I don't know if I told you guys about it. In my dream, my cousins and I were all gathered around, and they asked me to sing the Lumberjack song, and one of them who happened to know it would do the background for it. I obliged.

a_nervous_wreck: Oh happy day! I've been reading about other peoples dreams on here, but I've never actually had one of my own... until now! I present to thee, my dream:

I was hiding under a table for some reason, and there were a few American men talking at the table, and for some reason I was scared of them. One of their feet hit me, and I was pulled out from under the table, and found one of them yelling in my face. Me, being as terrified as I was, could only manage to stutter out "Splunge?" After that I was thrown out of the window, landed in a very deep hole, where I found myself faced with a MASSIVE bullfrog who then began to cough up various items, including a key that seemed to go to a conveniently placed door behind him. I opened the door, and found I was standing in an office building. I don't remember what happened after that, but then I was suddenly flying across the ocean on a pair of crudely made cardboard wings, and landed in front of the BBC, and was quickly ushered inside so I could act in a piece of film for a new show, and I had to dress up like a Colonel type character, complete with a mustache and that stick with the leather hoop at the end that they always carry around. There's another memory gap after that, but afterwards I found I was in front of a Russian execution squad, who couldn't shoot their way out of a paper bag. I can't really remember, but I think I died of boredom after they all missed about thirty times, and then I woke up. :) not really exciting, but I told my friends about it and they found it humorous, so I thought I'd share it with you guys.

Lvndr HppE at 9:41 pm March 28

That is so cool


I had a strange dream the other day that reminded me of Python after I woke up. You'll probably notice a few inaccuracies in the dream but I think that's one of the best things about dreams. Things that could never happen in real life are possible in dreams. Anyway, here's my dream:

My stove, also known as a cooker:) I believe, had once again sneaked out and was using my credit card, which is a common problem with the cheaper stoves so I had to go and buy another one.

For some reason I didn't want to buy the stove at a local store so I decided to get an a plane and fly somewhere to buy one. Unfortunately, the plane was grounded because someone had tried to smuggle a "lobbest berry" on the plane. While I was waiting for another flight I overheard someone saying there was no way he would ever fly again. "...Last time it was bananas this time a lobbest berry what if someone had tried to smuggle a pineapple on board!"

I think I must have got "lobbest" from the holy hand grenade scene in Holy Grail.

By the way in case anyone is wondering what a "lobbest berry" is in addition to the picture I've included (which I drew myself considering there's no such thing and therefore no photos exist on the internet of one) here's a description:
It looks like a strawberry except it's blue striped
It tasted like a combination of a nectarine and a tangerine
It's about twice the size of a cantaloupe and weighs 30 pounds (which is 2 st and
2.00 lb or 13.6077 kg)
and it's a tropical berry only found in England.
Although, as far as I know England isn't tropical :)

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: I had an interesting short one last night.

The only thing I seem to remember is that it was Mike and John in this long tunnel/hallway and it was from Mike's POV. We entered this hallway place and there's these ant/beetle creatures covering the walls and the entire ceiling and floor ahead. Suddenly, we decide to run through them to this door at the end of it. They attack us and start running up our pants and our shirts and across our faces and we make it to the door and then land in a heap outside. Whilst we're scratching and shaking ourselves to try and get these creatures off us, this random old guy comes past and he asks us about why we've just come out of the girl's changing room (because that door had one of them female toilet signs on it) and he starts saying that we're perverts. So he shouts and bawls and slaps both of us across the face. Then he walks off.

Honestly, my dreams just get weirder and weirder.

the_thina at 12:16 pm February 06

the part with the bugs made me think of the scene in "stand by me" with the leaches for some reason. haha

Here Comes Another One at 4:48 pm February 06

Haha, I love that movie!!! And yeah, that is one strange dream!

the_thina at 5:42 pm February 06

I do too. I love anything that comes out of stephen kings mind (my bookshelf is absolutely packed with his books both in swedish and english) AND the movie has corey feldman and he is in my oppinion the most adorable child actor ever!

Here Comes Another One at 10:52 pm February 06

Haha - my abiding memory of Corey Feldman in Stand By Me is him leaping up on the fence going: 'AAAARGH! I'M GONNA RIP YOUR HEAD OFF AND SHIT DOWN YOUR NECK!' and when he's ranting at Vern: 'The comb? What do you need a comb for, you don't even have any hair!'

the_thina at 3:28 pm February 07

hahaha! yeah he is... kinda special in that movie! XD but my main memories of him as a kid actor was in the gremlins-movies. god, I loved those! and was cruching on him when I was a kid... but hey, he is in fact older than me, even if its hard to imagine since you have him as a kid burned in your brain...

arkennedy: I had another Python dream the night before last.

Do other countries have "Where Are They Now?" documentaries? In the U.S. we sometimes do. They usually consist of showing people what former famous people are currently doing in their lives.

Anyway onto the dream. In my dream Gilliam's character Mrs. Cutout was one of the stars on "Where Are They Now?" and it turned out that she had gone into insider stock trading.

Lvndr HppE at 9:54 am December 13

A HA HA HA HA HA! That was sooo funny!!!! :-D

arkennedy at 4:06 pm December 11

Hmm, I just reread my post above, I was tired when I wrote about that dream. Does anyone besides me think I almost started sounding like Anne Elk? (Or was it Ann Elk?)

the_thina at 2:13 am December 13

haha, I didnt when you first wrote it, but now when you put the idea into my mind, yes, I can hear anne elk telling this. XD

arkennedy: I had a strange dream recently. In my dream if you waited until the third star of the night went "Ping" and then you shouted "Ni!" the "And so you shall fairy" played by Eric Idle would appear and give you free Spamalot tickets.

If that really did work I'm guessing there would some Pythonliners shouting "Ni!"

the_thina at 12:04 pm December 11

haha, I love that fairy! too bad she didnt become a regular on the show

arkennedy at 4:04 pm December 11

I would've liked to have seen more of her as well :)

the_thina at 2:15 am December 13

yes, especially after she grow a hitler-moustache (ANFSCD)

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Not very Python related, but does contain a Pythonliner.

I was at my old high school for some odd reason and it was really busy and stuff with all the school kids walking down the corridors. I was carrying a Bugs Bunny doll and a Crash Bandicoot figurine (I really don't know why). I was trying to get past these kids when I suddenly spotted you (thina) standing against a wall wearing a black jacket, pink jeans, and pink spiky boots. So I went up to you and asked if you'd mind walking round with me. You agreed and we went up some stairs and coming down them was my old science teacher. He stopped and asked you about a certain 'Swedish project' (that's what he called it). You didn't say anything and just glared at him. Then he went off and we went shopping... at school... because my school had somehow morphed into my shopping Mall. I remember we went shopping in Primark and H&M. We entered Primark and the lights had gone off and everyone in the Mall started fighting each other and there was this big riot. Then I woke up.

I wish Graham had popped up to save the day...

the_thina at 3:15 pm November 17

haha. superhero graham comes and breaks up the riots! XD
but how very odd. but I have had dreams about pythonliners as well, and after all, we spend much time "together" so why not. ^^ and btw, I dont own one single thread of pink clothing. haha. my mom keeps nagging on me because I only dress in dark colours. damn it, Im soon 30, but moms will be moms I guess

the_thina: had anotherone this night. as some of you know Im right now at my parents and the days around december 1st Im moving into a new appartment.
this night I dreamt that appartment was in london (probobly because my brother is going to work in london for 3 monts starting january) and I had said it here that I was moving to london. and the first night when everything waqs packed up my doorbell rang, and who was standing out in the hallway if not graham, very much alive. he said he had read in here I was moving to london and since he knew hes my favourite (most of the time anyway) and the one python I always thought I would get along the best with he decided to come and visit me. he had david and john (their adopted son who also is dead IRL now, for you who dont know) with him as well. david and john was mostly playing with my cat, and me and grey hit it off in a big way. then we decided to go out and play kubb (a local game we have here on the island where Im from, from what I have understood it has some things in common with... oh... whats the name of that brittish sport cleesey is obsessed with? ) cricket (?). me and gray against david and john and we kicked their asses completely

J.Gambolputty at 10:36 am November 16

Aww..lovely dream. I wish I had that much Gray in my own dreams, that usually contain mainly Mike ;)

the_thina at 11:31 am November 16

yes, he does have a habbit of turning up in my dreams. maybe to tell me that my theory that he is all looney python-fans guardian angel now is true. ;)

J.Gambolputty at 12:18 pm November 16

Oh that's nice. Gray the guardian angel of all python-fans. Lovely :)

the_thina at 2:50 pm November 16

yeah, it is a nice thought. :) concidering how many hard times the work he made while he was alive has gotten me through, why should he not continue on the other side? :)

J.Gambolputty at 8:09 am November 17

Exactly ;)

TheRealGilliamFan: I totally forgot about this.... but a few weeks ago I had a dream about Gilly. It's all hazy now. But I was on an airplane, I think. At first it seemed like a large bus, but then it became a plane. And it seemed like I was in first class because the seats were big and there were not many people. And Gilly was in a seat near me, and we started talking. And it was really cool because we were on a plane -- a long flight -- so it was not a 30 second fan encounter, but instead I got to talk with him for a long time :D I don't remember what we talked about but he was really friendly.

Yes Genji, I know... I'm TheRealGilliamAddict!! :D

J.Gambolputty: Okay, last night I had a dream about Mike, suprise suprise.. At first, we were in some kind of boat, and on the deck, and suddenly a woman jumped in to the water. She couldn't swim. Mike jumped too to save the woman, and then the dream changed and I didn't see Mike anymore.
I don't know how, but I knew that I was in a hospital. There was some other people too, and we were in a basement that had gray stonewalls and it was very cold there. I found a room which had snakes in a box, and some hamsters too.. At one moment the snakes escaped, but went then back in to the box 'cause I asked them to(how convinient..). Then Graham came and assured me that the snakes would not ran away again. I nodded to him and he sat on the snakebox reading a paper and smoking his precious pipe. I can't remember what happened after that, but next I was in a tall building which had doors and lots of steps. I don't know if it was a house or something else but anyway. I walked up the stairs to a small hall where was a door. Somebody knocked it and I opened, and saw Mike standing there entirelly wet after his brave rescue operation at the boat. I went to him and put my hands on his cheeks
*sighs and smiles and stops writing for a while* and he smiled to me. Then the dream ended. (Yes, I'm weird.. well, at least my dreams are.)

Here Comes Another One at 5:14 pm November 14

That's really vivid and interesting. I used to know quite a bit about interpreting dreams but I don't really remember much now. All that stuff with the tall building & doors & steps must be symbolic. I would have said it represented obstacles, except that when you knocked on the door, Michael opened it. Perhaps since he was a 'rescuer' in your dream, he represents Python being a rescue from the mundane and/or difficult/daunting parts of life, a sort of escapism. Although, I find Python really good for that myself so perhaps I'm just projecting me onto your dream here!

Dreaming about celebrities is supposed to mean that you want their 'glamorous' lifestyle, but I've never been very sure about that - I think if you fancy a famous man you're likely to dream about him for that reason. That doesn't happen nearly often enough to me. :-D

I do think it's funny that Graham appeared semi-randomly in your dream, because that happened to me one time too - he just turned up and then went away again!

Anyway, sorry for the long rambly response, I just found your dream interesting.

J.Gambolputty at 6:58 am November 15

Wow, that makes sense, but I don't want to live 'glamorously', like celebrities, though. And I agree with that other reason..
Really great analysis. ;)

thewastelandr at 2:32 pm November 15

Aww that is an awesome dream!! Any dream involving Pythons (especially Mike) is usually a good one! xx

J.Gambolputty: This isn't actually a dream, but this morning I woke up and I heard Lumberjack song inside my head.. It was quite weird but funny. Maebye I was dreaming about it but couldn't remember it anymore.

arkennedy: Last night I had a dream that my cat stole my credit card and bought $5,000 worth of John Cleese items including books, dvds and other things.

Lvndr HppE at 8:59 am October 29

I dont know whats funnier, the fact that it was so much John Cleese stuff or your cat swiping a credit card!

arkennedy at 1:24 pm November 15

Knowing my cat I think she would steal a credit card if she could :)

the_thina at 1:35 pm October 28

haha! maybe its a sign that he/she needs to be confused? ;)

arkennedy at 3:32 pm October 28

Perhaps she does :)

Here Comes Another One at 6:53 pm October 28

Oh, that made me laugh so much! We're a weird lot aren't we?

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: I forgot to tell you guys about a dream I had a long time ago, which I can still recall even today. It was in Tunisia (I'm assuming in '78) and Michael was being hauled out of a van by two men in white coats. And he had no shirt on, just a pair of jeans, so we could all see his lovely... bronze... body... *drools* *cough* *cough* Aaaaaanyway, he was being carried by these men into his hotel. A little later, I walked into this hotel and it was crammed with tourists wanting to check in. So there was this long queue and a young couple were waiting at the side with loads of luggage. They got very impatient so they decided to have a look around until the queue died down. They entered the lift and went up. Then terrifying screams could be heard. And something else happened that I can't quite remember, then the lift opens and suddenly Mike jumps out screaming like mad and covered in blood, because he had just murdered a load of people, and he begins to stab everyone in the room with a huge kitchen knife. He was just about to stab me when all of a sudden I awoke.

I had to laugh. But it scares me to think what goes on in my brain XD

Here Comes Another One at 2:00 am October 26

I think you're getting influenced by your own story ... :-D

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 2:07 am October 26

Yes, I've only just realised that haha!

Here Comes Another One: Went back to sleep after the alarm this morning & dreamt that Graham Chapman was holding me prisoner & I was planning to escape by hitting him in the face with a cream cake!