python-fans behaving badly

not really python-related, but we are both fans and we did behave very... strange, odd, rude, silly, childish... you name it.
I was takling to someone in here about this clip and promised to subtitle it, and now I finally worked out how you put subtitles on in winows movie-maker.
and my poor friend linn will either be happy or horrified that all of the world can see (and understand) it now. haha.
put in a little pic of her and me. (that underlines the fact that everyone thought we were sisters)

basic info:
this is what happen when you drank way to much, didnt sleep, decided to cure your hangover with coffee and then take a camcorder and hit the streets with the person that best brings out your worst/best madness and vice versa. me and my friend about 6 years ago.
subtiteld in english.
it also shows the main swedish mentallity very good. swedes bacily thinks "oh they are mad, if I dont look at them they will vanich into thin air" witch makes it extra fun to act like this in public. enjoy
and ps. we know that are not doves, but we had earlier for some reason decided that ALL birds are doves

and keep in mind. we were hungover, had not slept for over 48 hours and were drugged up on caffine

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thewastelandr: OMG hilarious!

the_thina at 2:26 pm March 13

haha, glad you think so. ^^

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: TELEPHOOOONE. TAXIIIIIIIII! Haha, awesome.

the_thina at 2:25 pm March 13

haha, yeah youmight have thought we were on drugs or retarded, but nope

Holly at 4:12 pm March 13

& that makes it even funnier

mrsCutout: hahahah!great!

Holly: The whino talking to himself was great

the_thina at 10:30 am March 08

haha yeah. but I would like to point out that he (and everyone we filmes) was at least 3-4 meters away, we zoomed in on our victims.
what did you like my journal-film-voice? :)

Holly at 10:35 am March 08

yes, I thought both of your voices were great! Tower! my friends & I did some films joking around too, but we made our friend eat fried worms on film.

the_thina at 1:51 pm March 08

no, not tower, TOOOOOOOORN haha

Kasmira: Haha, Beavis and Butthead... ho ho ho ho... ;D