Python live debut 1971- the behind the scenes story

There's an excellent behind the scenes account of how the Pythons made their live debut in 1971 on Colin Richardson's blog. Well worth reading. Link is

Colin also hoped that something will be done to mark the 40th of the live debut in 2 years time. I think that would be a good thing too. Maybe a plaque at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry and a talk there. I hope something like that happens.

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Lady April: Right on Wayne! Good stuff and thanks so much for sharing :-)

Wayne Spencer: The radio interview is now archived on Colin's blog at
Just click on the pink button to hear it. And its available worldwide, not just for UK listeners. Definitely worth a listen.

Wayne Spencer: Colin also did a radio interview about all this. Its online at
Slide the fader along to 2.38.00 to listen to it.

Radio int available till Wed 28 Oct.

kisch: Great story ! Thanks for sharing.