Python Love

Python LOVE is all around us!!!
Thank you so much Hanri (a box filled with worm and sweet stuff - my wife Rose loved the sweet hart candles), Barf (a beautiful post card from her - now on the fire place) and specialy my beautiful wife Rose, who manage to susrpise me every day!!

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And yeah, great edition of fawlty towers...

Kasmira: Fawlty Towers dvd box.... Monty Python almost the truth... that would be heaven to me <3 :) Want 'em... !

Johnnyrose at 11:09 am December 26

This eddition of Fawlty Towers is a new with a new remastrized soun and comments by John C.! Man!! I must have been a good boy all year, so I see...

thewastelandr: Oh how wonderful! You got Fawlty Towers on DVD - I'm jealous!!! :) Merry Christmas!

Johnnyrose at 11:10 am December 26

Yes!! ... and I got a wonderful wife that loves Python too, so...She knows what I like! ;0)

thewastelandr at 12:29 pm December 26

You are a lucky man!

Johnnyrose at 1:48 pm December 26 wife says the same ... ;0)