Python picture sequence

Don't you just love group photos?

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Paute: I find more pictures!. It´s in my station!


...and another...


... found another...

Johnnyrose at 7:57 am January 03

00 6.jpg


the last one had been printed with the negative upside-down, witch makes the pic be as seen in a mirror (yes I have spent well over 100 hours in an old-fashioned photo-lab devoliping pictures so I know how these things happen) and that made me irritated, so I had to flip it the right way

MontyPython93: Oh yes I DO love them...droool


you forgot this one

Johnnyrose at 11:34 am December 01

Good job! I was looking for that!!

the_thina at 12:29 pm December 01

no worries, its just a print-screen I made a while back, from almost the truth I think it was. :)

Lady April: Those are so great together - Man! I really need to get my files arranged. They are a confusing disaster!

The Ex-Leper: I love Graham's face in the first picture! XD...they are all so handsome <3

WackyQueen: TJ looks really funny @ the last pic :D

mrsCutout: Oh absolutely!They are just adorable!They look so funny together awwww!