Python Radio

Hey guys! I just wanted to take the opportunity to invite anyone who wants to listen aboard my musical ship each week. I play lots of Monty Python on my radio show, and I know I'm new here, but you're all invited

I go on the air at

Sunday: 12-3 PM Eastern Time
Monday: 9 PM-12 AM (or later) Eastern Time
Wednesday: 7-10 PM Eastern time

This isn't spam, wonderful spam, I promise. I just wanted to invite some new friends along to my show :)

Thank you!

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charlotte93: I am definetly going to try to listen to your program if I can work out the time code, and I'm not asleep (there is quite a big time difference), but I will try my best to support you and your radio show. :)

PythonDJgirl at 11:26 am October 29

Thanks Charlotte!! I think my Sunday show is something like 7-9 PM GMT.