I finally decided to update my profile on Mashcast. The last time I updated it was around Christmas and it wasn't the Christmas of 2010. The fish are from Meaning of life and Gilliam's Flying Circus animations.

Here's the link:

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mrsCutout: Hahaha that's so nice!!! I must log in and comment!

arkennedy at 3:08 pm May 10


Lvndr HppE: That would make a great screensaver.

arkennedy at 11:12 am May 10

Thanks :)
If it's possible to make screen savers from videos and you know how to do that, feel free.

Hanri: Dang I love it! Good idea putting the link here, so people see the too - not so different from this site other than contentwise. Excellent job!

arkennedy at 9:16 am May 10

Thanks :) as always I enjoyed making the mash.