A pythonic tee shirt design

Hello lovers of large snake like named comedy group type people!

I created this illustration for a tee shirt competition and I think you all may enjoy it,
Please check it out!

check it out here and please vote!

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stuartpalm: Thanks! Spread the word on the image if you want to see it on the market. It will only be printed if the score goes over 3.0, Right now it is at 2.28 :( So jump in there and give it a 5! I know you have to join threadless to vote, but it just takes two minutes. (but do be warned threadless can become quite addictive!) Thanks for the comments!

Iris: That's great! I want this shirt :)

French Taunter: Great one!:)

arkennedy: looks great :)

nope_ive_been_shopping at 10:43 am July 30

Yeah, python fans would aue for miles :)

nope_ive_been_shopping at 10:44 am July 30

*que, damn fat fingers...