Pythonline Birthdays

Hi! Here we make a birthdays of members of Pythonline.
Just comment when is yours and maybe we can use for the birthday greeting.
I upload your birthday later.

01- The tina
07- CamelSpotter
08- Graham Chapman
10- Johnnyrose
11- Holly
12- J.Gambolputty
13- Carol Cleveland
18- Alainainthesky
19- Jupiterblue
23- TheBlancmange
28- Yelruh Hcaz

01- Terry Jones
12- PhilosopherBruce-Mrs
19- kermit
20- Pjev93
27- Mo

05- Palins passepartout
08- Kisch
13- Lvndr HppE
21- mrsCutout
17- Mr Nudge
29- Eric Idle
31- TinaF77

08- MontyMaria & Sgt Looney
12- Lady April y Silly Ministress
14- Pythongeek03
19- eMMI

05- Michael Palin
11- MontyPythonrocks18
19- Tanya_Birklid19 & Mrs beethoven
20- Tiel Pearce
22- Bundtcake and Colonel Daughter
24- French Taunter

01- Dinosaursarenomore
08- MattInTheWallet
16- Mrs Attila the Hun 93
22- Katithepythonfan
30- Sunnyag21

05- clemthepest
13- GloriaTheWarrior
15- Upperclasstwit
23- Crzyltvn
27- MontyPython93

06- TheSister91
10- Monty Petra
12- charlotte93
14- Here Comes Another One
17- madasawetsporran
24- Inspector Tiger
27- Thewastelandr and l_wojcik

06- Arkennedy and a_nervous_wreck
14- Hanri
15- Paute and Miioo
23- Leapy Lee
30- Screaming Queen

11- Kasmira
27- John Cleese

05- BroMaynardG
11- Pantomime horse
12- Lyndaaaa
22- Terry Gilliam
29- thewhoserpython

05- A. Lupin
07- Cardinal Ximenez
08- TheNicePython
09- Neil Innes & kissmyarrrtichoke
19- The Ex-Leper

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madasawetsporran: Mine is August 17th & I just discovered in itunes so is Brian's I was 23 on the day the life of Brian was released ! Go do the math you lazy beggars. Yes I AM that vintage almost as old as the boys.

Paute at 3:49 pm February 26

Done! :)

Lvndr HppE: Oooh! Terry J's birthday is coming up!

Inspector Tiger: Mines August 24th :)

Paute at 6:17 pm February 22

Tiger? Where?

a_nervous_wreck: Mines September 6

arkennedy at 6:53 pm January 30

Looks like we share a birthday :) except for the year (I was born in the 70s)

a_nervous_wreck at 7:45 pm January 30

Lucky! You got to love through Python!

madasawetsporran at 7:03 pm February 22

trumped you heeee hee :=)

a_nervous_wreck at 7:06 pm February 22

Damn you! D':

Miioo: Mine's September 15th :)

Paute at 6:16 pm February 22

Yeah!!!! *high five*

Miioo at 8:58 pm February 22

Right!? *high five back* :)

l_wojcik: My b-day is August 27th. :-)

Paute at 6:17 pm February 22

You´re in!

arkennedy: I decided to bring this thread back to the top so any new members can add their birthdays if they want to do so.

Cardinal Ximenez: Hi there! My bday is December 7th :)

Paute at 6:16 pm February 22


Paute at 12:16 pm November 27


TheNicePython: mine's December 8th

Paute at 12:16 pm November 27


Paute: All in!

J.Gambolputty at 2:52 am November 26

Sorry, but you placed me in June, I'm in January ;)

Paute at 7:46 pm November 26

Fixed :)

Sgt. Looney: Mine's April 8th :)

J.Gambolputty: Mine's January 12th

Here Comes Another One: Mine's August 14

Paute: 3 days to Gilliam´s birthday!! yeah!!!

thewhoserpython: Mine is 29th of November, a week after Gilliam's :)

TheSister91: mine is August 6th

TheBlancmange: Mine's 23rd January

arkennedy: Happy birthday Hanri :) and even though it's early, Happy Birthday Paute :)

Hanri at 4:01 am September 14

Thank you! And hey, I know a guy who has the same birthday as Paute. :)

Paute at 1:41 pm September 14

Happy birthday Hanri!!!!!!!!
Have a Pythonesque day! My best wishes for you!

kermit: February 19 is mine

Screaming Queen: Mine is September 30th

Paute at 12:47 pm September 13


mrsCutout: Mine is also on March.the 21st

mrsCutout at 2:06 pm September 11

Ooh there i am!!

Paute at 6:57 pm September 11

Yes! I added you!

Paute: Ohhhhh!!!! Arkennedy Sorry!!!! Happy (later) birthday!!!!
I hope you had a great day!


arkennedy at 8:57 pm September 10

Thanks :) it was a good day.

thewastelandr at 10:13 am September 11

Happy birthday, Arkennedy!!

arkennedy at 11:28 am September 11

Thanks :)

Have a great and Pythonesque day!!

Have a great and Pythonesque day!!

mo at 3:36 pm August 10

Thanks Paute but its not for another 6 months.:)

Paute at 3:52 pm August 10

Hahhaa you right! It´s Monty Petra B-day!

mo at 3:53 pm August 10

Thanks anyway,Paute.:)

Alainainthesky: January 18th (: