Pythonline Birthdays

Hi! Here we make a birthdays of members of Pythonline.
Just comment when is yours and maybe we can use for the birthday greeting.
I upload your birthday later.

01- The tina
07- CamelSpotter
08- Graham Chapman
10- Johnnyrose
11- Holly
12- J.Gambolputty
13- Carol Cleveland
18- Alainainthesky
19- Jupiterblue
23- TheBlancmange
28- Yelruh Hcaz

01- Terry Jones
12- PhilosopherBruce-Mrs
19- kermit
20- Pjev93
27- Mo

05- Palins passepartout
08- Kisch
13- Lvndr HppE
21- mrsCutout
17- Mr Nudge
29- Eric Idle
31- TinaF77

08- MontyMaria & Sgt Looney
12- Lady April y Silly Ministress
14- Pythongeek03
19- eMMI

05- Michael Palin
11- MontyPythonrocks18
19- Tanya_Birklid19 & Mrs beethoven
20- Tiel Pearce
22- Bundtcake and Colonel Daughter
24- French Taunter

01- Dinosaursarenomore
08- MattInTheWallet
16- Mrs Attila the Hun 93
22- Katithepythonfan
30- Sunnyag21

05- clemthepest
13- GloriaTheWarrior
15- Upperclasstwit
23- Crzyltvn
27- MontyPython93

06- TheSister91
10- Monty Petra
12- charlotte93
14- Here Comes Another One
17- madasawetsporran
24- Inspector Tiger
27- Thewastelandr and l_wojcik

06- Arkennedy and a_nervous_wreck
14- Hanri
15- Paute and Miioo
23- Leapy Lee
30- Screaming Queen

11- Kasmira
27- John Cleese

05- BroMaynardG
11- Pantomime horse
12- Lyndaaaa
22- Terry Gilliam
29- thewhoserpython

05- A. Lupin
07- Cardinal Ximenez
08- TheNicePython
09- Neil Innes & kissmyarrrtichoke
19- The Ex-Leper

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Paute: ;)

A. Lupin: December 5th :D

kissmyarrrtichoke: December 9 - same as Neil Innes wooooooo :D

Paute at 2:33 pm July 19


MontyPython93: Oh I want that cake when it's my birthday!!!

Paute at 9:15 am July 18

Me to! Just imagine Jonesy knocking your door like that.
Good Lord!

Alainainthesky at 6:32 pm July 19

Haha, and what a wonderful cake it would be. (:

mo: Febuary 27

Paute at 7:17 am July 18


mo at 7:56 am July 18


Paute: HAPPY B-DAY Upperclasstwit!!!! Have a nice Pythonday!!!

Best wishes!

Colonel Daughter: I like how you included pythons' birthdays :) Mine is May 22nd

Colonel Daughter at 6:28 pm June 17

same day of bundtcake...!

Paute at 7:33 pm June 17

Done!!!! ;D

Colonel Daughter at 6:01 am June 18

thanks!! :)

Paute: Happy Birthday Mrs Attila the Hun 93!!!!

Have a Python day!

Lvndr HppE at 12:05 pm June 16

Yes, Happy Birthday! Have a pythontastic day!

Colonel Daughter at 6:27 pm June 17

uh! happy birthday, mrs attila!

Paute: We have a couple b-days!

Sorry Dinosaursarenomore Happy (Very late) B-day!!!!!

Paute: Happy B-Day Tanya & Mrs beethoven!!!!

Have a Pythonise day!!

Lvndr HppE: Hey, today is MontyPythonRocks18's birthday!

Paute at 5:50 pm May 11

You right! Happy Birthday MontyPythonRocks18 !!!!!!
Have a nice day!!

The Ex-Leper: HAPPY 67th MICHAEL DEAREST!!!!!!


Paute: A week for Michael┬┤s birth! Yeah!!!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: I is June the 16th ;)

The Ex-Leper: btw that is a verrry interesting picture wherever is it from? lol

The Ex-Leper: December 19th six days before Christmas yaay!

Paute at 5:11 pm April 09


MontyMaria: April 8th :)

Paute at 1:05 pm April 09


Lvndr HppE at 8:18 pm April 09

Happy Belated Birthday, Monty Maria.

MontyMaria at 2:05 am April 11

Thanks! :D

Holly at 9:29 am April 14

that makes it extra special

Lvndr HppE: Oh, by the way. You misspelled December. That i should be an e.

sunnyag21: June 30th

Paute at 10:13 am April 08


silly Ministress: 12th of April^^

Paute at 4:55 pm April 07

Then Lady!
PS: Love your avatar!

Lvndr HppE: MARCH 13TH!!!!

Paute at 3:17 am April 05


Lvndr HppE at 6:36 pm April 06

Yaaay! I'm listed! :-D

Johnnyrose: Hey, Paute, Carol's birthday is in the 13th but in January, ok? :0)

Paute at 3:18 am April 05

Fix it! Thanks!!

CamelSpotter: I haven't been on in a while, so I may be missing something - I'm not sure what "the birthday greeting" is - but I thought you might find this thread helpful:

Paute at 4:55 pm April 04

What mean PO? (I saw a few names in other days)

arkennedy at 5:24 pm April 04

If I'm remembering correctly PO means Pythonline. You May have also noticed the words "PO Anniversary" That is the date a member joined Pythonline.

Paute at 5:37 pm April 04

OK! Thank you!. Just copy and Paste the other birthdays... not Anniversary. But if you wanna...

arkennedy at 9:09 pm April 04

I got the following information from CammelSpotter's last post in the previous birthdays thread (the link which has been provided above by CammelSpotter):

Here are the Birthdays:

01 January: the_thina
07 January: CamelSpotter
10 January: Johnnyrose
19 January: jupiterblue

20 February: pjev93

08 March: kisch
16 March: DoryPython
17 March: Mr Nudge

12 April: Lady April
14 April: pythongeek03
19 April: eMMI

20 May: Tiel Pearce

01 June: dinosaursarenomore
08 June: MattInTheWallet

23 July: crzyltvn
27 July: MontyPython93

06 September: arkennedy
14 September: Hanri
23 September: Leapy Lee

05 November: BroMaynardG
12 November: lyndaaaa

And here are the Pythonline anniversaries:

05 January: lyndaaaa (PO)

03 February: Lady April (PO)
21 February: jupiterblue (PO)

13 March: Mr Nudge (PO)
14 March: Antrax24.12 (PO)
16 March: Tiel Pearce (PO)

30 April: DoryPython (PO)

16 May: crzyltvn (PO)

21 May: pjev93 (PO)

16 June: the_thina (PO)

06 July: dinosaursarenomore (PO)

16 September: arkennedy (PO)
22 September: eMMI (PO), Leapy Lee (PO), MattInTheWallet (PO)

02 October: BroMaynardG (PO)

08 November: pythongeek03 (PO)
17 November: kisch (PO)
21 November: CamelSpotter (PO)
28 November: MontyPython93 (PO)

05 December: Hanri (PO)
24 December: Johnnyrose (PO)

Kasmira: Oct 11th :)