Pythonline is on Facebook

When did that happen? I just noticed it.

---> Pythonline on Facebook <---

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Colonel Daughter: Can I just say that it's the first time I'm on telev....ehm... that your avatar is really beautiful, RealGilliamFan? Did you colour the pic?

TheRealGilliamFan at 12:40 pm November 01

I did color it, yeah :)
You were on telev[ision]??

The Ex-Leper: LIKE

Here Comes Another One: I 'liked' it!

Colonel Daughter: At least the YouTube account gave some sign of life: I just noticed that the official MP-channel subscribed to a great user: 'themontypythonmuseum' ( )!
Actually they could *leave* the MP account to MPMuseum :D

I really recommend his page, thare are also rare interviews, and some sketches with Cleese from the Frost Report (!!!).
If TMPM is among you..thank you, guy!!!

TheRealGilliamFan at 1:07 pm October 29

You're looking at this user's subscriptions; not their subscribers. I don't the Pythonline channel accepts "friend" requests or subscribes to anyone.

Colonel Daughter at 3:01 am October 30

ooops was midnight... -_-

J.Gambolputty: Damn, I don't have Facebook and don't think that I'm going to do one, but maebye I will now..

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 5:02 am October 30

Same here. I had one, but deleted it.

Sgt. Looney at 12:06 pm October 30

I was thinking about deleting mine too, but what the heck.....

genji at 11:05 am October 29

My facebook is amazing. Most of my 'friends' are from this site, or are their friends or other Python fans. My feed (whatever it's called) is invariably in Swedish, Finnish or American, none of which I speak.

mrsCutout at 12:49 pm October 29

Have you noticed that most of the people here are from Scandinavian countries like Finnland or Sweeden?It's amazing!Anyway almost all my "riends there are from here!But I don't like facebook at all!I actualy made an account there because everyone her had and thought it weould be interesting!

genji at 12:54 pm October 29

Well, Scandinavians have exquisite taste in almost everything, including comedy, so it's no wonder, really.

genji at 12:55 pm October 29

NB. My previous comment excludes surströmming, obviously.

Not that late: Looks as neglected as this site... Mr Administrator, are you considering to update the site or are you just dead?

Anyway, I created a facebook account for my Python stuff, since my friends started to look at me like I'm crazy... would you be my friend? I'm Rita Fairbanks (there's only two of us, I'm the one with a profile-picture)

Tanya_Birklid19: I didn't realize until now! and I justed Liked it.

the_thina: I seem to remeber when that group was started, it was like a year ago now...

Paute: Yes! I´m there!

mrsCutout: Yeah for a while now!

genji: OK, then.

TheRealGilliamFan at 12:51 pm October 28

Awwwww Genji :( Are you sad about the International Monty Python Day group page? There's room for both!

genji at 12:53 pm October 28

Er... ??? I thought "OK then" meant "let's get this party started" in Americanese.

TheRealGilliamFan at 2:55 pm October 28


But I interpreted your statement with sort of Charlie Brown disappointment... especially because you used a comma....
"ok" [looks disappointed] "then" [droops head in defeat]

:D :D :D :D

genji at 9:52 pm October 28

No, not at all. I see you've been busy on IMPD. I think we need to create new events for next year to get a good run at it.

TheRealGilliamFan at 10:00 pm October 28

Someone's gotta hold down the fort, Genji. No ha ha seriously, I agree. We should still have a chat session when it gets a little closer and talk ideas. Maybe we could have a "call for entries" ... I don't know of what ... and we surely don't have a prize hehe ... but maybe people could make something, I don't know, fanart and we could display it.... ok, I'm rambling now, I know ;) What sort of events do you have in mind?

genji at 10:08 pm October 28

Actually I just meant facebook events for now: create IMPD '11 and possibly another memorial type day (I was surprised how much response that one got). Real-life activities for the day be imagineered exactly as you describe, I would think. I also think that the IMPD group should be linked to the Pythonline facebook page and vice versa.

TheRealGilliamFan at 10:46 pm October 28

How do we go about that? Linking them?

genji at 11:26 pm October 28

Just have each mention the other or something. I've added a link to facebook Pythonline on the IMPD group and edited the Info page.

TheRealGilliamFan at 1:08 pm October 29

But how do we get Pythonline to add a link to us? We don't even know who runs it.

genji at 12:31 am October 30

Maybe Hanri can help...

mrsCutout at 3:05 pm October 28

Hahahaha!This requires imagination but i agree your thinking makes sense! I love Charlie Brown!

TheRealGilliamFan at 10:00 pm October 28

Hehehe :D