PythOnline opening mash

Since it's not on the front page anymore I wanna post it here. This one is made with LOADS of help from the guys at MashCast, THANK YOU SO MUCH SCOTT AND DARIN for letting me animate this! You guys are the best. :)

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Susana Mendonca: Awwwwwwwesome!!

Hanri at 2:06 pm February 26

Thanks, Su! Really had fun doing this. Oh, the olden golden days...... :3

Johnnyrose: Terry G. could not have done it better even if he tried!!!

Jatta at 2:14 pm May 18


Hanri at 10:38 pm May 18

Gosh you guys! You make me blush.... But it does have some of his surrealism, doesn't it? At least that was the intention.

Hanri at 10:39 pm May 18

Though it would be a thrill to see what would Mr.G create with MashCast. :)

Lvndr HppE: Hey, I remember this one! This was on the home page when I first started coming around here.

Hanri at 12:06 pm May 17

That's right. It was made to be published on the front page when the new PythOnline site was opened after a MAJOR update. Great that people HAVE seen it. :)

Lvndr HppE at 12:09 pm May 17

Loved it, great to see it again.

Lady and Laird Candermine: super fun Hanri... great job of mashing it... SUPER!!!

Hanri: Thanks you guys. :) The best part for me is that I really did get to do all the animations myself, even though for example Darin is a professional. But the suggestions, tips and brainstorming made it complete - and the sounds! Really are the cherry on the top. :) I loved doing this.

thewastelandr: Wonderful!!!

Paute: AMAZING AMAZING JOB!!! Congratulations!! Is so Cool!!

Jatta: How good of you to post it here :) It's bwilliant :)