A PythOnline Silly Walk

I just had an idea, for a cool, easy, breazy collaboration. Our own collage of the Silly Walk! Heck, why not even a poster! And maybe a mash too!

Here we have the conveniently marked selection of the Silly Walk poses. It is to help you with a task:
- select a pose from 1-12
- go stand in that pose (preferably in good lighting and in front of a lighter background than yourself)
- snap a picture (with a timer or have a friend do it)
- send the pic to hannamarikrapu@hotmail.com in either .jpg or .png form (and as big as you can)

You can send as many poses as you wish, but in order to get all the poses and as many PyhtOnliners represented as possible, leave comments below which pose have you stood in and I will keep ya guys updated if we're lacking pics of a certain pose.

Try to avoid unfocused images (use chairs or such to support your feet if necessary) so I can cut out the backgrounds. If the background is really cool I will leave it untouched though. :)

You can dress up as different characters and use props, especially with poses 6&7 an umbrella (or a substitute) would be muy excellente. You can hide parts of your face if you wish to stay anonymous.

When you send a picture, please be sure to sign the email as your PythOnline username so I know who I'm thanking and dealing with. If you wish, I won't reveal to the POL public which pose is yours. And no, I will not use your email info for commercial purposes, only for this particular POL comedy moment.

Off to Silly Walking, privates!

Yours while keeping in balance on one set of toes,
Regimental Sergeant Major II
The Python Army Headquarters

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Hanri: Thought I'd bring this up again, still all of the poses are up for grabs, so keep on stretching and snapping those pics!

Hanri at 1:32 pm May 03

I might even add it as a personal side project to the Monty Python Quest, since I find it very hard to wait a whole week until I can watch the next episode. So there'd be a POL silly walk, and a Hanri one. Hmmm... Thoughts?

-reminds me of the Python Army group shot from way back that later found itself on a stamp..... Links here to see what I'm talking about:

Lvndr HppE: Hmmm. I can attempt 12 if I wear my yoga pants and stretch before.

crzyltvn: Ooo! I'm in! I'll do either 4 or 7 or both. We'll see. :)

Tanya_Birklid19: BRILLIANT!! Give me a day or two to think of a costume and I'll do it!

TheRealGilliamFan: This is a cool idea. I'm camera-shy but I might enlist some unsuspecting victims... I mean friends ;)

mrsCutout at 2:48 am June 12

Hey that's a great idea!!!!That's what i'll do too!!!OOOOh you're so smart!