PythOnline Song Mash Mix

PythOnline Song Mash Mix

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the_thina: this would be a nice tv-comercial. just the right length and a nice pause from all the regular crappy comercials.
and think of all python-fans unaware of this site that would become members

TheSister91: ehehehehehehehheh PIMP LOL ROF!! ahahahahhaah ehehehehheheh!! ihihihihihihihihihih!! sooo cooooool!!

thewastelandr: WOW!!! Great work! I'm amazed! Did you do all this using mashcast? I need to figure out how to work that program!

Hanri at 7:05 am December 01

With a little help of a camera and MSpaint or paintshop, yes, all done with MashCast! Go and download it and add some of us to your network list (you can do the adding already on, a very similar looking website to POL), we'll help you get started! :)

mrsCutout: Excellent!!!!!!Good work! This should be the official hymn of Pythonland!

WackyQueen: Hahaha great song! :D <3

CamelSpotter: Whoa! Awesome job. Who doesn't love Gumby?

Lady April: DoooooD! Wow! That was sooo weird ;-D Right on!

the_thina: hahahaha OMG I love love LOVE it!!! XD