Pythons in da 80's

The Pythons in their late 30's - early 40's.
Lovely stuff :D

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Lady April:

Ahhh YES!!!!! This one, hmmmmm Oh GOD divert my eyes for they've hit that there bullseye!!!!!

mrsCutout at 2:39 pm November 10

Hey i know this one!There was a magazine i bought about cinema because there was an article about Them and they had this very picture! oh what a joy !

the_thina at 10:32 am November 10

what are those fingers in the corner? are they yours? hate to be a nag, but those fingers... very odd to see two fingers in colour in the corner of a b/w photo. haha

Lady April at 10:33 am November 10

I took a picture of this picture before I got a scanner so very unprofessionally but obsessivly done!!!!

the_thina at 12:30 pm November 10

haha ok. :P

marga at 9:15 am November 11

yes, this pic is also great :D

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 12:13 pm November 18

I wonder if there's any more versions :D

Lady April at 1:49 pm November 18

I would love to know too
I am sure there are as this was a promo shoot apparently for their 3 night visit to the H-Bowl. God would I LOVE to see more as well!!!!!

Lady April:


Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 8:01 am November 12

Ah, yes. I knew this version would pop up soon :)
Spot the difference!

the_thina at 8:10 am November 12

haha, jonsey is showing his titts, and eric gives gilliamn nipple a rest thats the difference! XD

Lady April at 9:51 am November 12

In the top one Jonsey is twisting his own tits!!!! Awesome!Self-love baby YEAH!!!!

the_thina at 11:22 am November 12

haha. boy likes pain maybe

Lady April at 11:48 am November 12

I bet he does I bet he does! eh? eh?

the_thina at 11:52 am November 12

haha. man, I have said it before and I say it again: if they only knew what is being said about them in here! XD

Lady April at 12:04 pm November 12

From what I've heard - they DO! But that is just on my end.

the_thina at 12:11 pm November 12

yeah, I think I have read/her someone of them talking about all the horny school-girls in here (but maybe he did not put it quite that way haha) but cant remember witch one it was.

Lady April at 12:48 pm November 10

Ooooo Johnneh is soooooooo skinneh!

marga at 9:13 am November 11

thank you very much!!

the_thina at 1:33 pm November 10

I would not say that anyone of them was fat. ;)

Lady April at 6:33 pm November 10

Neither would I.

the_thina at 4:50 am November 11

haha. some just had a bit more padding than others. ^^ but all cute, with or without love-handels

Lady April at 8:08 am November 11

some just got em with age. Just more to love!!!

the_thina at 8:13 am November 11

exactly. :)

Lady April at 11:40 am November 11

nipples and all!!!!

the_thina at 12:03 pm November 11

haha. yeah. like pheobe of friends said "its like nippels on boys they are useless but cute" :)

Lady April at 12:53 pm November 11

eeeee I have NEVER found nipples on boys useless.... quite the contrary!

the_thina at 12:58 pm November 11

haha. well, since boys dont produce milk to feed babies they are kind of useless in my book too.. :P if they are not python-nippels beeing pinced by python-fingers that is... haha.

Lady April at 2:19 pm November 11

I wanna pinch some Python nipples but thats beside the pointed stick...... whoa!

the_thina at 3:05 pm November 11

haha. I bet she does I bet she does.. are you from purley by any chanse? ;)

Lady April at 3:15 pm November 11

No Seattle and I AM a go-er!

the_thina at 4:02 pm November 11

well, naughty girls can be found all over the world. and thank god for our dirty minds! ^^

Lady April at 4:36 pm November 11

Mine would be lost if it were not for the dirt. Dirty boys and dirty fans to talk dirt about the dirty boys. Now they are dirty old men and I love that even more!

the_thina at 4:55 pm November 11

haha. "dirty old men" is really well put I think. saw an interview with eric thats fearly recent, he utterd the word "vagina" and the man that was doing the inerview just went quiet in shock. totally hilarious!


hey! i'm looking for a very similar version of this pic, has anybody have it full size? (this is my short version)

the_thina: is eric pinching gilliams nipple? or is it just my perverted mind that created an optical illusion? hahaha

Lady April at 10:41 am November 08

Oh now THAT is hot!!!

the_thina at 12:19 pm November 08

you want eric (or michael maybe) pinching your nipples right? XD

Lady April at 12:35 pm November 08

Oh she took me there *crosses legs tightly* The visual is very nice thankyou..............

the_thina at 12:40 pm November 08

hahaha, I might not have been a member for so long but I sure know what you is all about! ;) but now you have nice dreams of python fingers when you go to sleep. ;)

Lady April at 12:50 pm November 08

Mikeys are busy little buggers eh? Eh?

the_thina at 1:06 pm November 08

haha yeah fingers can do more than pinching. both naughty and non-naughty. and he is writing a lot but think hes fingers can take a break from both the pen and his wife (oh dear! I said it!) just for you. ;)

Lady April at 4:08 pm November 08

My reputation has proceeded me....... oooohhh yes you said it- OUCH!

the_thina at 2:30 am November 09

haha yep. :) and women that are married to those kind of men cant mind sharing them with girls like you, can they? at least for your fantasies. ;)

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 1:52 am November 09

Interesting conversation here, guys... lmao!

the_thina at 2:31 am November 09

haha yes.... when the naughty minds is in action it can become pretty entertaining. ;)

mrsCutout at 8:16 am November 11

Now you made my day!

saori7: lovely guys!!lol

MontyMaria: Hahaha! xD

Lady April: YUM!!!! I'll start with the 2 on either end thank you!