the pythons as kids-thread

it was one around when I became a member 1 year ago, but cant find it so I start a new one.
can you see who is who? :)
and of course you are all welcome to post more pics of our adorable men when they were adorable boys. :)

if you dont want to guess, here is the list

pictures 1 and 2: eric
picture 3: graham
picture 4: john
pictures 5 and 6: gilliam
picture 7: neil
pictures 8 and 9: graham
picture 10: jonesy
picture 11: mike
picture 12: carol (daah!)

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This was one of the images I used for Eric's birthday card, I think it belongs in this thread as well.

Lvndr HppE:

I saw this when going through the archives of Drool Slobber II

a_nervous_wreck: The aww machine has gone into overdrive. Is it right to say Eric looked like a mouse in the first picture? :)

the_thina at 4:39 pm March 22

haha, I think he still have a rodant sort of apparance. and that is NOT ment as an insult, because I love rats, mice etc, they are adorable in my book

Lvndr HppE at 11:02 am March 24

Like a cute little mouse. What I love the most are the chubby cheeks. I'm a softy for a child with chubby cheeks!

a_nervous_wreck at 10:53 pm March 24

Another question. Is it wrong that at first I thought that picture of Graham as a baby was Carol at first? The longish, curly hair put me off a bit, but then I realized it was Gray

the_thina at 11:15 pm March 24

haha, well, its not always easy to recognize kiddie-pistures of people you are used to seeing as an adult. and back in the 40s it feels like parents were more "nonono, my SON cant have longish hair" so... no, dont think its wrong.


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MontyPythonrocks18 at 8:17 pm March 24

yeah they are all Johnny, I have that book and each of em had like a set of four pics of when they were younger, which is so cute:)

the_thina at 4:43 pm March 22

who is who? I know the top left one is john, and the bottom right one looks like him as well, so first I thought it was just john, but if it is, why on earth would he wear that very feminine looking coat?

Miioo at 11:24 am March 24

I think they're all John. And that's how childrens coats looked like in the 40's. My dad had similar ones growing up in the 50's. I like how you can clearly see in the bottom right photo that he's gonna grow up all tall and lanky. ;)

the_thina at 4:33 pm March 24

oh ok. well, I was born in the 80s so I had no idea, thought it had to be carol or maybe connie. after all, this was at least 20 years before the lads started to dress in drag. ;)
yeah, the bottom right one shows very clear hints of how he would look as an adult. :)

TheNicePython at 2:33 pm March 10

I just looove the pic under the one with John and his parents - the one where he's looking up. Adorable :)

Tanya_Birklid19: Which one is in the kilt?

the_thina at 6:31 am November 13

its neil. turns out he is 50% scottish. :)

Tanya_Birklid19 at 8:46 pm November 21

did not know that.

the_thina at 9:09 pm November 21

neither did I, found that out from an interview not long ago

TheRealGilliamFan at 12:52 am November 22

I always thought that was Gray! Now that I know, YES, it looks like Neil ha!

the_thina at 9:52 am November 22

yeah, but maybe neil is not the first person you think about when you think python. :) but for me, him and carol ARE an important part of python, even if they are not official members.

Here Comes Another One: The first photo's adorable but I don't know who it is.

Here Comes Another One at 6:49 pm November 12

Uh, yeah, OK, now I see it.

the_thina at 6:31 am November 13

haha, good. was a bit worried for you there a few seconds. ;)

the_thina at 9:41 am November 12

whaaaa?! look at the eyes and the smile. come on! its ewic!

genji at 6:29 am November 12

You're kidding? Don't you think he looks just the same even now, at 67?


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TheBlancmange at 11:08 am November 13

He looks just like a boy in my class at school!!

Colonel Daughter at 9:30 am November 12

ahahah! this photo is always SO hilarious to me!! He looks like he's done something bad...

the_thina at 9:42 am November 12

he probobly has... it was after all gray! XD

the_thina at 4:14 am November 12

gray! :D there is no misstaking with those dimples

Loretta nudgenudge: oooh, eric was so cute !! *_*

Here Comes Another One at 6:08 am November 12

Hehe, there's no mistaking who you like best, judging by the username! (And yes, yes he was :-D)

The Ex-Leper: gosh Graham was just the most adorable most beautiful child ever I hope my child looks like him :)

the_thina at 10:35 am June 23

yes he was super-cute.


and heres one of Carol :)

the_thina at 8:34 am June 23

wow, never thought I would see her as a kid. what a doll! thank you!

Colonel Daughter at 6:27 am June 23

oh my!!! she's so beautiful!


Heres one of Jonsey

Paute at 9:50 am June 23

Ohhhhh cute! I wanna more Jonesy! :P

sit-on-my-face: Graham is so beautiful. My eyes are bleeding.

the_thina at 10:52 am June 08

yes, he was so pretty. both as a boy and as a man

Rosemary Greenwood at 1:07 pm June 08

Little Angel. And because i'm Rosemary i must add: ther's anly one MICHAEL ANGELo, and he's not here!!! Why?

the_thina at 1:21 pm June 08

I dont have any pics of him (or jonesy or carol for that matter) as a kid. :(
well, as a teenager, but not as kid. if you have any feel free to post them

Rosemary Greenwood at 1:35 pm June 08


Rosemary Greenwood at 1:35 pm June 08


Lvndr HppE at 9:32 am June 10

THis one is my favorite.

Rosemary Greenwood at 1:36 pm June 08


Rosemary Greenwood at 1:36 pm June 08


Rosemary Greenwood at 1:36 pm June 08


Paute at 2:27 pm June 08

OMG Michael is the same!!

the_thina at 1:38 pm June 08

spank you very much. :)