Pythons to take part in fan convention at Doune Castle in 2010 ?...

STARS of hit comedy Monty Python And The Holy Grail are planning a reunion to mark the film's 35th anniversary.
Terry Jones is taking part in an international fan gathering next year at Doune Castle in Perthshire, where much of the movie was filmed.

Jones, 67, who played several roles in the 1975 King Arthur spoof, said he hoped his fellow Pythons would join him.

The team made their last film together in 1983 and Graham Chapman died in 1989.

The five surviving members - Jones, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, John Cleese and Terry Gilliam - have only reunited in public a few time since.

Location Jones played Sir Bedevere, Prince Herbert and Dennis's Mother in the film.

He said: "I absolutely love Doune Castle and have so many happy memories there.

"I'd certainly be interested in returning and it would be lovely to reunite with some of the guys if they were available."

Jones, who earlier this year recorded an audio guide for visitors to the 14th century castle, last visited it in 2001 with Palin.

Monty Python And The Holy Grail was mostly shot on location in Scotland at Doune Castle, Castle Stalker in Argyll and Glencoe.

Historic Scotland, who own the castle, said they expected hundreds of fans from around the world to take part in next year's celebration.

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SO ? Anyone know anything about it ?!

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Lady April: Any updates on this yet?

amazonblonde1: You know you are so lucky to meet Michael.he answered my letter long ago and really wrote it and sent me a real pix of him and wrote on it. You know I would have done something very compulsive like kiss him. I did that to Howard Jones when I met him he struck me as being so adorable after I TOOK MY PIX WITH HIM i turned around again and compulsively kissed him on the cheek kept it clean but I could not help it. He did not seem to mind at all after I REALIZED WHAT i HAD DONE OUT OF A MOMENT OF ADORATION I RAN AWAY. LOL STILL A HIGH SCHOOL KID AT HEART I GUESS. NO HARM DONE. I had to bend over of course because I am amazonblonde at 6ft 1and a half. tee hee. So Michael I spared you LOL

Hanri: Oh, if this happens I wish it could be on August, 'cause that's when I might be going, and Doune is on our plans.

Kasmira at 3:07 am January 04

I'm here if it's happen (and if I have enough money to travel...). And Hanri, you could be my support person there, because we share the same home language. 8)

Kasmira at 3:10 am January 04

whoopsie, "I'm there" I supposed to say... not here :D

Kasmira at 3:09 am January 04

whoopsie, "I'm there" I suppose to say... not here :D

Hanri at 11:51 am January 04

Haha, definitely! :) I'm prolly going there for my honeymoon (info leak, oops!), so if ANYONE knows specific dates it would be thrilling.

Kasmira at 12:28 pm January 04

I found this:
Again, no specific dates but it's going to be such a competition to get a ticket... only 500 will get in. x___O

Kasmira at 12:32 pm January 04

But of course it is understandable. Not cool to be outside the castle for a while :D (or it depends how's the weather... and the time of year...! LOL)

Lady April at 11:35 pm December 09

That would be awesome for you H!

Hanri at 1:55 am December 10

Oooh yeah! :)

Fettle at 6:18 am January 04

Im planning on going in August too for my 21st!!! EEEeeeee, it would be beyond perfect to have my idols there!!! :D :D :D

Hanri at 11:52 am January 04

Let's hope for the best!

mrsCutout: Oh i hope all of them will join!How lovely that is a brilliant idea! way i'll miss that!1 thanks for leting us know!!!!!!

Johnnyrose: ... now isn't that a 5 star idea...

thewastelandr: Oooh that would be so amazing!

housepet1: We should all get together and join him! Wouldn't that be fun?!?

Lady April at 12:34 pm December 09

Oh yes sounds as lovely as any of the other events that have happened that I've been unable to attend. I cannot forsee my going anywhere next year, too much going on.
I live my adventures through Kischy baby here *kiss kiss Kate*

housepet1 at 5:22 pm December 09

Bummer :-( well, I'll put it on my calendar and see if I find myself in Britain next year. But April... never say never! :-) xoxox

Lady April at 7:50 pm December 09

Meh... expect the worst, hope for the best.

Lady April: I'll just go ahead and assume you will be there luv. You lucky girly!I love ya!