The Pythons: Then & Now!

'Monty Python': Where Are They Now?

Published: 10/18/2009 23:43:42


It's been 40 years since the oddball collection of funnymen put together the "Monty Python's Flying Circus," and they're still making us laugh.

The skit-comedy series, which influenced scores of shows both in England and the United States, ran for just five years on the BBC, producing a total of 46 episodes between 1969 and 1974. It's cast not only starred in it, but wrote it, as well.

But the show's short run would prove to be only the beginning for this creative collection of comedians.

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winteringpin: You know, I have always thought Eric Idle to be the kind of "pretty boy" of the group and he still kind of is. hehe.

the_thina: I would put the urn they carry with them to events for the "now"-pic of gray. haha.
otherwise I love it. especially the "now"-pic of jones. always a clown that one. :) <3

thewastelandr: Carol looks great in that pic!

Johnnyrose at 2:34 pm December 11

You bet she does, bet she does, know what I mean, nuge, nuge!
And is a picture I never saw before.... droooollll....

thewastelandr at 3:13 pm December 11

Are you selling something?

;) You are pathetic, Johnny! Well, we all are!

Johnnyrose at 1:54 am December 12

Thanks for the compliment...

thewastelandr at 7:33 am December 12

Kidding, kidding. I'll admit - she is a pretty lady.

Jatta: AWWW... aren't they just adorable, still :p

WackyQueen: Gilly has changed a lot! To the better i think.. though i have a thing for long hair :)
Pythons for ever!

Lady of the Lake at 8:41 am December 12

Terry was sort of funnylooking when he was young. :-) He was like hippie or something. Nowadays he looks so cool.

Lady April: My my I love all my boys! AND Carol too!!!! This makes me happy to read Jr THANKS!!!

amazonblonde1: Michael is still my man... still hot

mrsCutout: Oh wow brilliant!!!!i must say that gilly is the one that changed the most!!!1

Johnnyrose at 4:11 pm December 10's the hair...

amazonblonde1 at 5:23 pm December 10


arkennedy at 12:10 pm December 11

Whatever it is, I have to agree that Gilliam does look the most different. I think he still looks great though. He doesn't look like he's in his 60s yet at all to me :)

mrsCutout at 3:15 pm December 11

That's true he doesn't look 60 at all!but when i first saw him in the series so young i didn't recognize him haha!still they all look so great and carol too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Ex-Leper: : )

ximrealynotokayx: poor grahams pics didnt have much of a diff in them

Lady April at 9:18 am December 11

Sure they did you just don't see the back of his head LMAO and they could have even put a much later pic that that too!

Fettle at 9:12 am December 11

i thought that too :-(