question for bonzo-experts

ok, stumbeld upon this video just now when I felt like listening to "no matter who you vote for..." and became very supriced.
the vid SAYS its the bonzos, but....
I dont know... and even if it was a while since I saw the kill bill-movies Im pretty (or completely is the more accurate word here) sure it was NOT this version played in the movie, so thats one thing thats strange, the other thing is that even if I dont own the records (they cant be found here) I have still done my homework on them and heard pretty much of their work, and even if I knew they did a few covers I dont remember ever hearing that they did this one.
even though it kinda sounds like viv... maybe something he did on his own?

so now I leave it to the bigger experts and freaks/fans than me in here to decide.
the vid had no info on the subject at all.

puts in a random bonzo-pic so more pepole will see this post

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Hanri: Now this is an old Cher hit (though I prefer the Nancy S. cover), and as we all know the Bonzos made lots and lots of covers (like "The Monster Mash"). As Neil said on one interview, that they used to buy old random records with killer titles and learned to play it just to see what kind of a song is it (like "I'm Going To Bring A Watermelon To My Girl Tonight" and so on).

This is most definitely Viv and the Bonzos. Direct quote:
"BONZO DOG BAND The Doughnut In Granny's Greenhouse (2007 issue UK 17-track digitally remastered CD album featuring 5 Bonus Recordings including the previously unreleased 'Blue Suede Shoes' & 'Bang Bang [My Baby Shot Me Down]' and 'Alley Oop [Girls Version]', 'Canyons Of Your Mind [Single version]' & 'Mr Apollo [German version]'). "

An excellent find, Thina!

the_thina at 7:09 am May 11

thanks for clearing this out for me, hanri-hun!
I like their way of butchering both their own and others songs. and the humor they do it with. so wonderful.
I only know 2 bands that play "bad" on purpose, and the bonzos is one of them

Mrs Conclusion: Hi all, I haven't read all the comments on this thread, but have found that the Bonzos DO sing that version of "Bang Bang" on the album "Doughnut in Grannie's Greenhouse" I haven't watched KILL BILL, so I can't comment on that....Has that been any help to anyone, or am I just covering old ground?!?! Hahah! xxx

the_thina at 7:05 am May 11

haha, yeah we allready knew, but thanks anyway. :)

flopsy_mrs: hahah you looney

the_thina at 1:01 am May 07

hurmp! what a sinister attack on me, my golden brain and my skin-cells! not to mention my buttocks!

the_thina at 1:02 am May 07

all 5 of them!

the_thina at 1:02 am May 07

my socks are crying!

sit-on-my-face: Welll... I checked and they say it is featured on doughnut in granny's greenhouse so... I don't know, it's been a long long long time I've seen Kill Bill... In a Tarantino's movie it sounds much more... sinister than their usual sound, it's quite interesting!

the_thina at 1:20 pm May 05

really? now I feel a bit ashamed that its just passed me by. O_o
but I have only been exploring the beautiful world of bonzos/innes for about a year/year and a half..
but Im sure this was not the one in the movie, it was a woman singing (think it was, whats-her-name frank sinatras kid)
but tarantino has an ability topick amazing musi to his movies, would be nice to hear a little bonzo in one! :)

Lvndr HppE at 2:32 pm May 05

You mean Nancy Sinatra. I thought Cher sang that song.

Lvndr HppE at 2:35 pm May 05

Now that I think about it, I'm pretty certain that Cher covered this song.

the_thina at 2:39 pm May 05

hmmm... thats odd. my mom loves cher but I have never heard her sing that song... but if you say so I belive you. :P

the_thina at 2:34 pm May 05

yeah thats her name! but no... its deffinatly not cher.... her voice is much darker.
and lookie what I found:

Palins passepartout at 8:27 am May 09

Yes, I have that track by Nancy Sinatra on an old LP record! Cher did a version too but I don't know who did it first.

sit-on-my-face at 2:22 pm May 05

Yes! I think he put some Harry Nilsson at the end of reservoir dog!!! Yay!! I didn't know the bonzos before pythons too but it's a great discovery...
I'm not such a fan of Tarantino honestly. I think the directing is wonderful but... It's not that violence shocks me it's just too much at one point. I love his face though. But I also remember the song sang by some girl...

the_thina at 2:29 pm May 05

actually I remember when "no matter who you vote for..." came out. I was 9 at the time if I remember correctly, remember hearing it everywhere. and then when I started to study art at age 16 there were some bonzo-records roling on the stereo in the classroom when we were painting/drawing/sculpting.
so I have had them in the back of my consiousness for years and years, but as I said it was just a year ago or so I started to look into neils diferent music-projects more closely.
oh, I like tarantino. the only person that can make action-movies interesting to me. I love the characters he omes up with

sit-on-my-face at 3:19 pm May 05

Oh aren't action movies boring, tedious as hell??? (actually hell must be much more interesting. Think of all the people we'd meet!) The worst movie I ever saw... No wait, there's a competition between two: Mr and Mrs Smith and pearl harbor.
Good lord that's boring.
And yeees! The bonzos are just... as the pythons took my brain and made juice out of it, they took the rest of my brain and did music.

the_thina at 3:30 pm May 05

YES! action movies and romantic comedies makes me sooooooo bored I just want to jump out of the closest window (and scream "kiss me hardy!") GAH cant stand it! whenever there is a car-chase in a movie I get bored and start to think about something else in the matter of half a second.

hahaha. well. the bonzos sound like how I imagine a good acid-trip would feel. I have never taken acid, so cant know for sure, but thats how I imagine it. XD
and all the crazy things they did on stage, with robots and puppets and stuff. I can imagine 90% of the audience just thinking "what the HELL did just happen?!" hahahaha. and thats what I love about them!

sit-on-my-face at 4:33 pm May 05

I think a mindflip (you're into the tiiime slip...) is one of the most important things in the world, and that you need to get some very often to stay sane (in my idea of the word sane anyway). Guys like that are here for that. The first time my best pal and I watched their version of "the hills are alive", we (I mean WE, king and queen of the weird) were stunned. And we also thought it was much better than the original.

the_thina at 5:32 pm May 05

"the hills are alive"? do you mean sound of music? hahaha, yeah I love that one! I love that extremely high and extremely false note someone takes right at the end.whoever did that note is my HERO for the rest of my life! hahaha.
I also love their version of... oh god, what is the song called.... blue dabuine? something like that. you know, neil in a bald-wig and glasses at the piano and he the fun guy whos name I never remember playing a manikain that have strings on it. oh this must sound VERY wierd if you havent seen it! hahaha.
but anyway, I love it!

and it is very true we need some controlled madness to not go completely mental. that is why humor is so important to me, no matter how bad things get I always try to hang on to my laughter.

sit-on-my-face at 5:43 pm May 05

Yes I rember it! It's so out of this world!
I think, more and more, that people who are taking everything too seriously, fun things as if they were important and sad stuff as if they were tragedies, never laughing at themselves and never getting absurd humor are just sad. I have pity for people who can't see "the bright side of life". I mean... Never hold back a laugh!Humour is the greatest thing we have.

the_thina at 5:57 pm May 05

yeah, it sure is. they are all together out of this world. oh, I really need my time-mashine now so I can go back to the 60s and see them (amongst others) live!

yes absolutely. I am very much your typical capricorn, I can seem to be very serious and always in deep thought BUT under it all I always have this wierd things going on in my mind and sometimes they just pop out of my mouth and makes pepole either laugh themselfs to bits or become very upset because I got a pretty back and sometimes cynical sense of humor.
and I have an ability to break out in laugh at the most wierd and inappropriate times, but hey, the rest of the world can take it or leave it.

but this will be my last post for tonight, Im seriously seeing double right now, not even my reading-glasses help. so nighty night

sit-on-my-face at 6:32 pm May 05

Good sleep, safe dreams,

And yes! I always laugh in the silences, leaving people not understanding what the heck I find funny. It's hard not being like all the others bloody teenagers. I really need to leave school and go live in England. Everybody's so silly (in the negative sense of silly).

the_thina at 7:50 am May 06

haha, I had a very odd dream. think I will write about it in another thread in a minute.

hahaha. I am one of those who laughs like crazy over splatter/horror-movies when the effects are really crappy. evil dead 2 is a comedy, but evil dead 1 was not, but I laugh the same amount over both of them.
and I laugh a lot over how bizare the world is in general. and how completely mental some pepole are. like men older than my father trying to get me to have sex with them. stuff like that. I usually say very strange things to them when they start as well, making them utterly confused. not mean things, just strange, and then me and lena (my best friend) has a good laugh about it. we have exactly the same sense of humor (sometimes I think frank n furter has split her brain in half and given me one of the pieces, her brain since she is 20 years older than me)

sit-on-my-face at 12:59 pm May 06

I think (not that I care :)) that most people I know hate me cause they think I'm weird (maybe because of this T-shirt of an octopus eating an human... Or the necklace shaped as a baby with three eyes. I don't know) some kinda like me, and the rest just thinks I'm so cool because my best friend is hot. And he's the only one who really loves me. But we're just made to be together, our minds are like shaking hands all the time, we're like mindmates. I think we invented our own sense of humour. But that,s nice. The only problem is that, if he dies, I'll be alone for the rest of eternity! (I'm such a drama queen)

the_thina at 8:59 am May 09

I would love to have a necklase like that!
and sounds like the 2 of you are a bit like me and lena.
we had a intern joke a few weeks ago, witch fun enough started with a picture of our very own mr innes making a silly/cute face. and this intern joke leaked out so she got some creepy guy efter her, and both her and me was bombationg him with strange mails and making himj more and more and more confused.
I can tell you the full story if you like? but that will take a while... but if you are up to reading a long post I will. :)

sit-on-my-face at 6:06 pm May 10

yes! It sounds funny! But lend me a inbox message, it will be too long here.

the_thina at 5:34 pm May 05

here is the one I was on about just now: