question game

a new game maybe?

rules: ask a question, with a python-connection or not.
it can for example be "what is your favourite python-song?" OR "what is your favourite song?"
both are within the rules.

then the next person answers that question and asks a new one.

try to keep the newest ones on top, so DONT press the comment/reply-burron, just put your answer and question on top

ok. my first question is:

what is your favourite post-python movie with a python in it? (all gilliams movies are allowed even if there is not pythons in all of them)

one vote
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The Ex-Leper at 3:28 pm April 19

oh yes I lvoe the society in the newer movies how its so urban and retro lol

thewastelandr at 3:38 pm April 19

Star Wars is amazing! I liked the older ones better than the new ones though.

The Ex-Leper at 4:06 pm April 19

yea I like them about equally the older ones are the classics and have some epic people in them but I also like how beautiful the newer ones are they are incredibly visually beautiful movies and there is more depth in them but I love all the Star Wars movies equally I think

Lvndr HppE: Oh, well people confuse me for Angelina Jolie all the time. Joking. I don't think I look like any celebrity, although I once took an online test that said I looked mostly like Carson Daly. Don't see it. Maybe if he had longer and curly hair. And was a girl. Okay, my turn. Gosh, all the good questions are taken. Um, which is your favorite animal?

the_thina at 7:57 pm April 17

hahaha. maybe 5 yeras ago some drunk on a train was pointing at me and screamde "lara croft!" and I just wanted him to die. hahaha. dont wanna look like her!
but have been told I look like both linda perry, captain jack sparrow and nina hagen. and those 3 I take as a compliment. :)
wont answer your question though since I tolld everyone a few hours ago in this thread. haha

The Ex-Leper at 3:15 pm April 19

Ive been told I look and act like Juno lol well she's not really a celebrity but shes a character in a movie that I love... except I am not pregnant and don't want to be pregnant until I am married lol

Lvndr HppE at 4:40 pm April 19

I don't think Juno wanted to be pregnant until she was married either. Just happened that way.


Yes, at the condition of having looooots of money to have fun and the possibility of suicide.

What "famous" person do you look like?
I look a bit like her:

mrsCutout: IF you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do? Well i would take a trip to New York and visit EVERYTHING! And i would go to a broadway show and then I would visit Liverpool and Alexandria with my family! (if there was time)! if there was a med for immortality would you take it? I don't think i would it seems too tiring now imagine living forever...

Monty Petra: IfI got stranded on an island, I would choose a cruise boat (complete with library, movie theater, and pool), a crew to man it, and my best friend.

IF you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do?

The Ex-Leper: I do believe in true love but it is the kind of love that is more than romance it is true love when it gets to the point that you trust one another and would happily die for the other and it is the kind of romance where simply the company of one another is all you need to be happy even if you are not constantly kissing or having sex just the simple company makes your head spin...that is what I believe true love is and I believe it is real and I want it someday :)
My question is: Okay, you are stranded on an island but you can have any three things with you... what are the three things you would choose?

I would choose a book, my dog, and another book

the_thina: if you had a million dollars how would you use it?
I would pay off all my debts, buy a small house somewere out in the countreyside (just 3-4 rooms and a toilet/shower is more than enough for me) and have one of the rooms filled with books and recors witch I would buy as well. then probobly go and visit friends all over the world (or invite them to me and buy their tickets), maybe a few new piercings and tattoos. and oh, I would give a LOT to djurens rätt (swedens version of peta) and greenpeace and stuff like that.

my question: do you belive in true love?
I belive that it probobly exsist, but finding the true ONE of six billions is not easy. so I belive that those who are in luck may find it, but have sort of given up myself.

The Ex-Leper: I would definitly be a lioness because they are amazing animals so beautiful and I love how the girl lions are the ones who know how to bring down the prey and feed their families

And my question is age old: if you had a million dollars how would you use it?
as for myself I would invest in a gigantic library for my home because I love books so much and with the rest of my money I would invest in worldwide travel and I would go on an African safari and see all the amazing animals that dwell there :)

the_thina: oh, its my thread and I didnt even notice that it had come to a stop.
so I answer then:: What is your favorite non-python movie that a Python was involved in?
that is a VERY hard one! even if nuns on the run was the first movie I ever saw that had connections with python... no... I think I will have to go with... brothers grimm! might be supricing to some, but I think its beautiful to look at, very funny in that dark gilly-way and the opening credits song MY GOD I just LOVE that song.

new question: if you were an animal (no matter what you choose well say that this animal will live a long and happy life unaffected by mean humans or in the loving care of nice humans) what animal would you like to be?
I would want to be a cat, they seem to have such a nice and layback life. + that I love cats and think they are so sweet, funny and beautiful

sit-on-my-face at 4:45 pm April 17

Yeah. The sad thing is the rabbit scene ruins it for me. I'm too sensible in the animal area.

arkennedy: Looks like I may have brought this game to a stop by mistake so instead of my other question: "What is the strangest question you've ever seen on an application" My question is: What is your favorite non-python movie that a Python was involved in?

The Ex-Leper at 12:41 pm April 17

I love the newer Pink Panther movies that John Cleese is in lol

the_thina at 12:52 pm April 17

hmmm, not sure you understand the rules of this game. read them again and give iyt another try. :P

arkennedy: Mrs. Cutout's question: What is the profession you always dreamed for your self?

I always wanted to work with animals in some way or be an artist.

My Question: What is the strangest question you've ever seen on an application (whether it's a job application or whatever)?

The strangest question I've seen on an application is "What is your current ethnicity?"

The Ex-Leper at 8:03 pm April 16

hmmm... well I used to be Asian but now I am African American :P lol

Lvndr HppE at 6:30 pm April 15

Current ethnicity? I wasn't aware that things like ethnicity can change. Although, there was a week where I told people I was Canadian. lol.

the_thina at 12:47 pm April 15

oh dito to that arky! my two biggest passions here in life is my love for animals + the art. I would want to work in one of those places where you take in unwanted cats and find homes for them. but since that is mostly volenteer work they dont exept that, they want me to find a job that pays. and pickup a career as art-teacher has been discussed. problem there is I lack edjucation about kids, only have the art-part, but kids tend to love me...

thewastelandr at 6:32 pm April 15

Maybe you could do a combo... teach animals to paint! Hahaha... jk. That would be cool though.

the_thina at 7:43 pm April 15

haha! yeah that would be.... interesting... haha

mrsCutout: Thina's questionwhen you feel really blue, what do you do to cheer yourself up? Oh well! I haven't much time usually( that's why i get blue haah) so I watch every day before sleep The song Always look on the bright side of life you know the ending it is so great...or i listen to one or tow song i ahev schosen to cheer me up like oops i did it again in the version of max raabe etc and if i have time i watch LoB or the Producers!
MY QUESTION:What is the proffession you always dreamed for ur self? mine is an actress...oh yeh

The Ex-Leper at 8:00 pm April 16

Veterinarian I AM going to be a vet Im preparing to go to prevet college and hopefully one day vet school and I want to rescue and care for abused and neglected animals as my main focus on the job

the_thina: If you had to choose between ending world hunger or having world peace, which would you choose?
oh thats a hard one. but I will say peace, because, hopefully,if no one see the point of fighting anyone then hopefully with that will come that pepole are more willing to help others for example feed the starving and so on. and now I feel lika a hippie. but I guess Im a punkrock hippie. haha

when you feel really blue, what do you do to cheer yourself up? I watch holy grail. haha. or if there isent time I put on lumberjack song or just listen to random ska-music and fast happy music

Lvndr HppE: "Hair" from the Broadway musical "Hair". Also sung by a group called the Cowsills.
If you had to choose between ending world hunger or having world peace, which would you choose?

sit-on-my-face at 7:49 pm April 14

You're so great, Hair forever.

sit-on-my-face: What else Thina? Lennon for sure.
(Or Mary queen of scots... hahahahaha...)

Question: If you were a song, which on ewould it be?
mine is almost cut my hair by CSNY because... ah. It's still the most intense song I've heard. and it's very representative!!!

Lvndr HppE: Hmm. You always come up with the strangest questions. lol. Okay, I'm gonna go with the flesheating zombie. Because, according to Shawn of the Dead, all you gotta do is just hit them on the head with a shovel, and they'll die. Okay, here's one I often ask people just to get insid their mind.
If you could go back in time and stop any famous murder, which would you choose?

the_thina at 4:14 pm April 13

hahaha. well, my brain works in mysterious ways. XD
and I have a answer for that question, but no new one. but Ill answer anyway, but leave it to someone else to answer it "officially" but I would definatly stop the murder of lennon

Lvndr HppE at 7:58 pm April 13

Yeah, mine is Lennon's as well. Typical Beatles' fan answer.

the_thina: What's your favorite Python movie?
holy grail. I always watch it when I feel sad (and of course, quite often if I dont) its just hysterical all the way from the opening credits to when the cop comes and puts his hand over the camera.

woud you rather run into a vampire, a wearwolf or a flesheating zombie? motivate your answer!

Lvndr HppE: Favorite Cartoon? Hmmm. Okay, Peanuts. I just love those kids, and Snoopy. I also love Rugrats, although I don't watch many cartoons. Okay, my turn.
What's your favorite Python movie? Mine is Meaning of Life.

arkennedy at 10:34 pm April 12

Peanuts is a great choice, it's one of my favorites as well :)

sit-on-my-face: Gilliams not allowed too? Movie... Hair! Definitly. but then it's my cult movie, aftewards they're the other ones who are just wonderful. Harold & Maude, RHPS, to name only two!!!

What's your favorite cartoon (on paper too)? Mine is Gary Larson!!!!!

The Ex-Leper at 7:51 pm April 16

The Lord of the Rings 1,2, and 3 my favorite movies of all time I watch them constantly and the beauty of the story and epicness always makes me emotional every time

thewastelandr at 4:05 pm April 12

Harold and Maude!!! Good one!

Lvndr HppE at 5:27 pm April 12

RHPS, Rocky Horror Picture Show? Very good movie. It's actually one of my favorite movies to watch on Halloween. That and Young Frankenstein.

the_thina: Are there any Python sketches that you didn't like the first time you saw them but after having watched them a few time are now among your favorites?
not that I didnt like at all, but "find the fish" was a bit much to take in at once the first time I saw it. but now... its so bizar I cant help loving it.

what is your favourite movie (python not allowed here)?

arkennedy: MontyPythonrocks18's Question: do you have a youtube page?

I have a youtube subscription but I don't have my own page that I upload videos to. Could you post the link or send me a pm to your page? I'd love to see it :)

My question: Are there any Python sketches that you didn't like the first time you saw them but after having watched them a few time are now among your favorites?

MontyPythonrocks18: my fav beatles song, dang thats hard... maybe right now its a hard days night:)
my question now is you have a youtube page? cause i do and im trying to find more python fans lol

Lvndr HppE: What book changed my life. Hmmmm. I love to read, but I can't think of a book that as changed my life. Wait, there was a book that changed my life, but I can't remember the name of it or who wrote it. It was by some woman, and it was about the dangerous side to pesticides. Talked about how animals that ate plants sprayed with pesticides (not that they were forced to. Something about the plants drew them to it) became sterile. I've become totally devoted to organic foods since then. Also another book that changed my life was Fast Food Nation, which talks about the horrible and greatly unsanitary conditions of which the animals where we get our food from are treated. Okay, on a brighter note, I woke up this morning, listening to Beatles music, so my question is: What's your favorite Beatles' song?

Lvndr HppE at 12:11 am April 12

Sorry, when I said "sterile", I meant "unable to have babies"

sit-on-my-face: I think IF there's one (I don't think so) He has much better booze than alcohol OR is in a constant high. He can therefore have fun creating wars, molesters of all kind and all the bloody people who hurt animals with pleasure, without ever feeling any guilt!

Next: What book changed your life for ever?

Mine would be a unknow french kind-of-teen-book-but-not-that-much-because-it's-not-that-cliché called (translated) "Conception's fears". Also Calcium made interesting, The real Frank Zappa book, the elegance of the hedgehog, Matilda, Brave New World, the life before us, cider house rules and every Gary Larson!

The Ex-Leper at 7:46 pm April 16

Craig Ferguson's Autobiography American On Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot changed my life because his story is so inspiring because he has bee nto the very bottom had alcoholism addicted to cocaine nothing to live for and then he turns his life around and moves to America and is on top now happily married a father on telivision and living the dream and he has inspired me to achieve great things in my life yes he has this man is my forever hero

The Ex-Leper at 7:48 pm April 16

and he has been sober for seventeen years... I am very proud of him

Cardinal Fang: Answer: If I had to remove a Python it would be the very rare, dangerous and fictional Very Deadly Poisonous Python of Upper Basildon.

Question: God is a heavy drinker. Yes or no? Give reasons

Paute: Answer: so hard!... mmm... This is my favorite phrase today Python (a new game??) I can not choose one.
Always look at the bright side of life.

Question: If you had to remove a python would it be?