question game

a new game maybe?

rules: ask a question, with a python-connection or not.
it can for example be "what is your favourite python-song?" OR "what is your favourite song?"
both are within the rules.

then the next person answers that question and asks a new one.

try to keep the newest ones on top, so DONT press the comment/reply-burron, just put your answer and question on top

ok. my first question is:

what is your favourite post-python movie with a python in it? (all gilliams movies are allowed even if there is not pythons in all of them)

one vote
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the_thina: mrscutouts question if there is anymovie that changed my life. there is, but its a swedish one and even if it has been released all over the word not everyone knows about it. but Ill tell you.its lukas moodysssons "fucking åmål" or the english title "show me love" it is about two teenage girls who live in a small swedish town. one is sort of a outsider the other very popular. the outsider is in love with the more popular girl, but afraid of what might happenif the rest of the school knew. but in the end they become a couple, walks out from a toilet (closet?) in their school and declair their love to everyone and walk out very proudly holding hands. a very sweet and funny love-story with a twist you might say. it came out when I was 16-17 and helped me very much in my own comming out-progress.

phew, that was a long one! ok.

new question: what is your all-time favourite python-quote? I know its a almost impossible one. but mine have to be "well, I didnt vote for you!" from holy grail. :)

the_thina: my favourite non-python actor is gary oldman I think. he was the first that came to mind anyway. he is amazing, a true cameliont and he can speak in any accent and change his voice so he never sound alike in 2 movies. + he was one of the BEST count draculas ever.

ok. my question: what do you think happens after death?

mrsCutout at 1:54 pm April 11

OH i Love garry oldman i think he is bloody brilliant! And sexy too Hihi! ok the thina's question what do you think happens after death?Oh dear what a question...dilema i think we either live again in a different way like another human or that our soul disperses all over the universe etc or that there is total darkness...i prefer the 1st one..

the_thina at 2:16 pm April 11

oh yeah, gary is a VERY good looking man. yum yum. :)

mrsCutout at 1:55 pm April 11

MY QUESTION: Is there a movie that changed your life?if yes wich one?

thewastelandr at 6:28 am April 11


the_thina at 7:35 am April 11

yeah. cameliont. you know, the lizards who can change their skin so they blend in in the background.
is it a swedish thing saying that for example a actor that can play anything is a cameliont? if it is, sorry if I caused confusion.

thewastelandr at 10:01 am April 11

OH... chameleon... yeah.

the_thina at 12:15 pm April 11

oooh, an extra and another missing letter, sorry. here they are called kameliont, thats why it went a bit wrong. ;)

Lvndr HppE: Wow. That's an interesting one. Bird. Definately a bird. I would love to have the power of flight. Save a bunch on transportation. Okay, my turn again. Outside of the Pythons, favorite actor.

The Ex-Leper: Ok i a ma little confused but I am guessing the question I am supposed to be answering is the Michael Palin one about replacing him in a holy grail one so I will asnwer that one...moving on... hmmm I would probably be one of the French taunters (he is one you can see him when they all creep out to retrieve the rabbit lol)

And my question is... I you were an animagus what animal would you want to be able to turn into?
(lioness for me lol)

Lvndr HppE: Oh, geez. I don't know if I'd want to be God for a day. But if I had to, Hm. . . Eliminate world hunger for children.

sit-on-my-face at 5:10 pm April 10

I first read "chicken" and was like "yeah!! we need to treat chickens better!" And then I saw it was in fact children and I went "oh. Alright. That's sad too."

Lvndr HppE at 3:55 pm April 10

Although starving children force children in this country to be thankful for the lima beans, spinach, and other nasty foods their moms want them to eat. Oh, and my question is . . . "Michael Palin sprained his ankle while filming MP and the Holy Grail. He needs you to take his place in one of his roles. Which would you pick?"

the_thina at 3:53 pm April 10

jolly good, but post a question of your own too

Lvndr HppE at 3:55 pm April 10

Sorry about that. I forgot the question. {sheepish grin}

the_thina at 3:57 pm April 10

thats ok. :) just thought Iwould point it out before I went to sleep (witch I will now) so the game dont die while Im sleeping. :)
good night!

the_thina: Ill put mrscutouts question here on top since we drifted away in discussion and the question just goes further down...
My Question: If you could have God's powers for one day what would you do? And please don't say: I would make my self god forever! XD

mrsCutout: Oh very good choise i love stephen king!
the_thina' question: Hha that's on facebook too! Well i would say with no second thought flying...because it is so ...GREAT!

the_thina at 2:51 pm April 10

I love him too. if you havent read rose madder I can recomend it. not your typical king-book, but I like it a lot

mrsCutout at 3:27 pm April 10

well you know it's one of the few i don't have! I'll buy it ....

the_thina at 3:41 pm April 10

you do that! he has said himself that he thinks its terrible, I dont get that. I fell in love with it after just a few pages. and its unusual because the whole thing is from a womans point of view.

mrsCutout at 1:49 pm April 11

Well it seemed interesting form the review...I'm buying it tomorrow!

mrsCutout at 2:47 pm April 10

sorry My Question: If you could have God's powers for one day what would you do? And please don't say: I would make my self god forever! XD

the_thina: If you could insert yourself into any book movie video game etc and live there what would you choose?
VERY interesting! I have to say that having a half-giant scottish wizard as a best friend is very appealing in deed. but having voldemort running around would make me have a nervous breakdown I think so I will say... *thinks hard* rose of stephen kings lesser known books, about a woman who when she falls asleep is walking around inside a painting she owns. there is something about the idea of that that I like a lot.

my question: if you got to choose a superhero-power (fly, making yourself invisible etc) witch would you pick?

The Ex-Leper: No NEVERMIND I canged my answer I would bring back Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter sorry idk why he wasn't my firsdt choice that man was my hero and I get emotional talkling about him all the time...AND my Question is the same as the one I asked below lol

The Ex-Leper: Bernie Mac is who I would bring back for sure I love that man he's incredibly funny

My Question is... If you could insert yourself into any book movie video game etc and live there what would you choose?
Mine is a tie between Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter because I am a nerd lol...

sit-on-my-face: if you for some reason HAD to move to another countrey than the one you live in, and had a free choise of what countrey it would be, witch would you pick and why?: ENGLAND! it's pretty obvious. I'm on this earth to be an british lady, evrything from back there defines me, it's gorgeous and the accent is much much much prettier than the one in here. But if I couldn't go to UK... Chicago & San fransisco are quite appealing.

Next: If you could bring one person (not Graham or a realtive of yours) back to life, who would it be?

mine would be... Zappa or Roal Dahl or Shakespeare or (no surprise) Lennon and Harrison or Dian Fossey.

the_thina: no I havent. but me and a friend invented a very silly dance once, does that count? we took eatch others hands, with arms all stretched out and then we were dancing around in a circle kicking as high as we could in all directions we could, while screaming "häpp! häpp! häpp!" that one cleared the dancefloor at once and we almost got thrown out of the bar since he kicked over a table. haha.

my question: if you for some reason HAD to move to another countrey than the one you live in, and had a free choise of what countrey it would be, witch would you pick and why?

The Ex-Leper at 11:27 am April 10

haha that sure does count that's really funny :)

The Ex-Leper: My favorite python song is Always Look on the Bright side of Life because it has gotten me through some pretty rough times :)

My question is: have you ever invented a silly walk of your own and if so can you describe it to us?

MontyPythonrocks18: fav quote of each python?
Graham: BURMA!
Terry J: And Im not in the streets you fairy!
Eric: Always look on the bright side of life
Terry g: Its only a model
Michael: No Body expects the Spanish Inqusition!
John: This is a Late Parrot!
lol their just random quotes i like, i cant decided my absolute fav

my question is.... whats your fav python song?

sit-on-my-face: if you had to describe each one in a word. What would it be?
Michael: genuine
John: mighty... grand... pure
Terry J: emotional!
Terry G: genius
Eric: hilarious
Graham: ... lunatic... in the most wonderful way.

Next question: what's your favorite quote of each python?

Paute: MrsCutout Question: the meaning of life. Because i use that´s philosophy. I learn to much when i saw that movie (and then again, and then again...)

My Question: if you had to describe each one in a word. What would it be?

Lvndr HppE at 8:04 pm April 09

It makes me laugh that I'm actually old enough to have been in Meaning of Life. I just would have been the newborn the woman gives birth to in the beginning of the movie. Or the baby that comes out of Terry Jones in the Catholic family.

the_thina at 1:48 am April 10

haha. same here. when was it made, 83, wasent it? I was born in 82... haha!

mrsCutout: Ex-Leper's question:I love them all and the summer least but i would say spring cause it's not winder nor it's Easter season and end of school!

My Question: If you could have been in one of the pytoh movies (terry g's included) which one would you choose and why??

The Ex-Leper: Sahara! because I would love to go to Africa like you would not believe!!!

My Question: what season of the year do you love the most?

arkennedy: sit-on-my-face's question: Are you a man or a MOUSE? My answer: Well I'm I'm not a man since I'm female so I must be a mouse :)

My Question: If you could have traveled with Michael during any of his travels which one would you have chosen?

Here is a list of his travels:

* Around the World in 80 Days
* Pole to Pole
* Full Circle
* Hemingway Adventure
* Sahara with Michael Palin
* Himalaya
* New Europe
* 80 Days Revisited

sit-on-my-face: The cat who's confused. I always thought a cat's life is THE life to live and to be confused by a bunch of the most glorious and crazy and wonderful creatures that ever laid feet on this planet is my ultimate dream.

My question: Are you a man or a MOUSE?

silly Ministress: My favorite python would be Graham Chapman, because he was a true Looney and tended to live excessive,and he was gay too.( all those things apply to me,just I´m only bisexual)
my question: If you would belive in reincarnation and could come back to Life as any ever createt python-character (from the flying circus and the movies) , who would you like to be and why? (you can only chose One Character)

MontyPythonrocks18: add a comment

MontyPythonrocks18 at 12:06 pm April 08

oopsy i the comment didnt show up sorry! um i would choose the knights of ni cause i can torture them with the word "it" or whatever word they hate lol
my question is um.....whos your fav python and why?

Lvndr HppE: Wow, what a question. I think I'd rather be blind, because being deaf would mean I couldn't listen to music anymore. Let's see, my turn again. Hmmm. . . Who would you rather go up against: the knights to say NI or the three headed knight? (I don't know if that knight ever had a name)

the_thina: My question - do you have a Python friend in real life?
do you mean a pythonfan friend? oh yes, plenty! almost all my friends like python, if not ALL of them

if you had to choose one of these two or die, would you perfer to be blind or deaf?

kisch: Question from flopsy:have you ever met a python in real life ? if so who and how was he if not who would you like to meet ?

Yes, I've met Michael numerous times and he is as sweet as you can imagine. I've met John once and he's got the most amazing handshake and he is still gorgeous. I've met Eric and we spoke about Russia - unbelivable:) Now of course I want to meet both Terry's!

My question - do you have a Python friend in real life?

flopsy_mrs: thina's question : do you have any fobia ? uhm yes i don't like spiders , flying , neadels
my question is have you ever met a python in real life ? if so who and how was he if not who would you like to meet ?

the_thina: How or When did you first get into Monty Python? my answer to that is: I was about 10 years old (give or take a year or so) beeing bored. and they said on tv that now they would show a comedy that was banned in norway (our neighbour countrey) so I thought that sounded interesting, and decoded to tape it. it was life of brian. and when the wise man puches terry j to the ground was the exact second I became a python-fan. :)

my question: do you have any fobia, in that case what is it? (mine are hights and *belive it or not* needles like the shots doctors gives you and pain in general)

sit-on-my-face: the fisher king marked me deep for an unknown reason... maybe cause it's good.

the_thina at 3:13 am April 08

is that an answer? if so you forgot to ask a new question