question game

a new game maybe?

rules: ask a question, with a python-connection or not.
it can for example be "what is your favourite python-song?" OR "what is your favourite song?"
both are within the rules.

then the next person answers that question and asks a new one.

try to keep the newest ones on top, so DONT press the comment/reply-burron, just put your answer and question on top

ok. my first question is:

what is your favourite post-python movie with a python in it? (all gilliams movies are allowed even if there is not pythons in all of them)

one vote
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upperclasstwit: I would be in the wild- killer House one!! I just really liked that one..And I'm actually shy, so that would be a good one for me cause I wouldn't be around long lol

How or When did you first get into Monty Python?

arkennedy: If I could be any Python character for a day I would choose John Cleese's character from the Argument sketch.

My question is: If you could be in any of Gilliam's cartoon from flying circus which one would you want to be in.

Lvndr HppE: Hmmm. I'm really feeling The Adventures of Baron Munchausen right now. Okay, my turn. Ummmm, If you could be any Python character for a day, which would you choose?