Radio Artwork-Monty Python Style!!

Hey Everyone, what do you think of my new show poster. I needed a new one and I decided that I'd give it a Monty Python twist. I worked really hard on it, and I'm proud.

So, thoughts?

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PythonDJgirl: The Coastline Cruise Radio proudly presents its first ever Private Charter Cruise, this special episode is dedicated to the brilliance of Monty Python. Please proceed with an open mind. Rated MA for obvious reasons. Enjoy!

PythonDJgirl: I've decided to do a special show for Python Fans. I'm going to include the recent airing of The Harmontown Song, that Eric did during the Harmontown podcast on January 9th. It will be an all-Python show just for you. Does that sound good?

charlotte93 at 5:23 am January 12

It sounds like a show I would love to hear. Just give me a date and you can be sure I will turn in. :D

arkennedy: Looks great :)

PythonDJgirl at 9:40 am November 28

Thank you sweetie! I hope everyone likes it, and tunes in! Spiny looked like he'd wear headphones so I thought "Wouldn't it be cool if he listened to the radio?" So, I made it happen.